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Capitol Planning Commission

The Capitol Planning Commission (CPC) is authorized in SB 671 [2009 Session].

Duties of the CPC include conducting studies and analyses of the building needs of all state agencies located within the boundaries of the cities of Salem and Keizer; adopting and implementing a plan of development for the areas described by ORS 276.054; establishing, adopting and implementing a master plan for the development of the state buildings situated within the area bordered by State Street on the south and D Street on the north, and Winter Street on the west and 12th Street, between State Street and Court Street, and Capitol Street, between Court Street and D Street, on the east; and adopting standards for the development of state buildings and grounds for the protection of the surrounding community environment.

Other duties include consulting with state agencies, transit districts and other local government agencies to adopt a plan for facilitating coordination between state agencies and local government agencies in the development of state buildings and grounds in the areas described in ORS 276.054. CPC advises the State Parks and Recreation Department on matters related to the State Capitol State Park and the Oregon Department of Administrative Services on the planning and location of state buildings in the areas described in ORS 276.054, including general design, landscaping, traffic management, monuments, statues and fountains.
Agency proposals for expenditures of more than $1 million for the purchase, erection, or significant change of use of a state building in the areas described by ORS 276.054, require review by the CPC for compliance with development plans.