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Fleet and parking

The daily rate is based on the type of vehicle. Current rates are available on our rates page​.
The daily rate is based on a 24-hour period that starts the minute the state vehicle is dispatched and ends the minute it is returned. For example, if the state vehicle is dispatched at 7:01 a.m. and returned the next day by 7 a.m., there will only be a one day charge. If the vehicle is returned the next day by 7:01 a.m. or later, there will be a two day charge.

Your agency is also charged for fuel purchased during the trip. 
Other charges may be assessed. Details are listed in our internal operating policies.

Short-term customer parking is located to the right when you first turn into the motor pool parking lot.
If you plan on being away overnight you may park your vehicle in our gated lot to the north of the motor pool, across from our shop's parking lot. This gated lot is commonly referred to as the "North Lot." Before you can use the north lot, you need to check out the vehicle from the front office.
     Details on north lot use

     Motor pool site map​

Once you park your personal vehicle, you will walk toward the main building to the front office. The front office entrance is behind the fuel pumps.
     Motor pool site map​

​Call 800-378-0077 and speak with one of the field service coordinators. If you call after business hours, you will be instructed to call another number. 
The phone number can also be found on the back of the green locator card which is in the vehicle packet.
     Green locator card
Our internal operating policy​ 107103-4 provides more information for emergency WEX fuel card use.
     Internal operating policy

To make a reservation, call the motor pool at 503-378-4377
You will be asked a series of questions in order to make the reservation. To expedite the process, review the requirements on the reservation information form​ to make sure you will have all necessary information before placing the call.
     Reservation information form

A “no-show” is a reservation that hasn't been picked up after two hours from the scheduled reservation time. This applies to all vehicle types. The fee is $25 per occurrance. 
The fee for canceling or rescheduling a reservation with less than 48 hours notice is $25 for the following vehicle types: SUV, passenger van, cargo van, or pickup.

Use either our PDF form or our Google form​ to submit the application. You can also visit our forms page​​. 

Submit a request form, which can be found on our forms page​​. Directions for submitting are included on the form.
     Monthly rental vehicle request form
     Alternative version of request form
The request is evaluated and vehicles are assigned based on type of vehicle requested and availability.

See our rates page​​ for monthly rental vehicle costs.

Note: if you routinely rent a day-use vehicle from the motor pool for eight or more trips per month, assignment of a monthly rental vehicle is the most cost-effective means of travel. 

The length of time depends on processing, availability, timing of request, and type of vehicle requested. Turnaround varies from 30 to 90 days.

Most of the time it is cheaper to fuel at the motor pool due to state price agreements for purchasing bulk fuel. 

The motor pool dispenses unleaded, compressed natural gas, E-85, and biodiesel B20 fuels. 
Other fuel types, including those mentioned above, are increasingly available at retail sites.

We acquire new vehicles at a substantial discount through volume purchasing utilizing state price agreements. The cost savings offsets the first one to three years of depreciation. The purchase of used vehicles discards the new vehicle purchase discount. The net effect of purchasing used vehicles has a higher total cost of ownership over the remaining life of the vehicle.

Managed vehicles are vehicles owned by an agency other than DAS Fleet. Typically the owning agency does not have statutory authority to own vehicles whereas DAS Fleet does. DAS Fleet is responsible for consolidating ownership of these vehicles back under DAS Fleet. 
To assist the owning agency in this transition, DAS Fleet provides management oversight - fuel credit card, vehicle maintenance and repair monitoring, average monthly usage, reporting, etc. - and the agency retains ownership (title) of the vehicle. At the time the vehicle is due for replacement, the owning agency sells the vehicle and keeps the proceeds; the vehicle is replaced with one owned by DAS Fleet. 
This approach helps the owning agency take advantage of the services provided by DAS Fleet and at the same time eliminates the number of unauthorized vehicles the agency owns. It also provides DAS Fleet time to budget for replacement of the managed vehicle.

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Hours of operation
7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday
(closed state holidays​)