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Fleet and parking

​​​On July 1, 2021, OAR 125-090 Parking Facilities was updated to include clarification on when agencies may and may not pay for employee parking. Since then, the DAS Working Remotely Policy, DAS Travel Policy, and how Workday will be used to manage ongoing state employee remote working have all been updated to meet the new work models. This work revealed an inequity regarding parking costs for Hybrid Work employees and past practice of allowing employees to park personal vehicles for free in agency paid spaces vacated by state vehicles as those employees engage in business travel.  

Hybrid Work employees are required to pay for their parking as a commuting cost when periodically coming to office sites within DAS managed parking facilities in the Capital Mall Parking Area, Portland State Office Building, or Eugene State Office Building. Allowing employees who come in to take out a state vehicle to then park their personal vehicle for free in the vacated space creates an inequity regarding the Hybrid Work employees. It also provides the benefit of avoiding the financial burden of personal parking costs for some employees and not others, which touches on state ethics law for public officials.  

DAS decided to adjust parking policy to address this issue and an update to OAR 125-090 is in process. DAS is not enforcing this change until the rule update is final but has begun educating employees about it as opportunity arises by issuing warnings and by publishing the change in our FAQ’s. Active enforcement will begin in June of 2022.

​​​Parking payment is one part of the authorization, with the permission from DAS as the second part of what grants the individual or agency access to a DAS owned/managed parking space. DAS can charge for access to the spaces it manages as it deems necessary for the management of the facilities. While it is not the intent to double-charge for any given space, this can sometimes occur as we strive for policies and practices that best keep the overall parking system as fair and equitable as possible. 

In the case of state vehicle spaces, the agency pays for having a reserved space or permit for a space to park the state vehicle, and the employee is paying to have access to also use that space, which normally, they would not.​

​​Possibly, but DAS receiving revenue on the space twice from agencies is not always the case. Agencies would only reimburse an employee that is designated as Full-time Remote Work. For Hybrid Workers reporting to the central office to take out a state vehicle, the daily parking cost is a commuting cost and is not reimbursable.  ​

​​​This arrangement poses issues around equity for Hybrid Work employees and potential for some employees to get a financial benefit of free parking. DAS CHRO and DAS Parking Services are aligned in not allowing this option. Also, on a near daily basis, DAS must address situations where agency managers inappropriately “authorized” employee parking actions that are in violation of policy, rule, and, sometimes, law. Having the policy action at a high-level and enforced by DAS Parking Services will help inform management of the spaces in question.  ​

​​​​​​Pay to park. If you do not have monthly assigned parking through DAS Parking Services, you must have a valid, properly displayed daily permit in your vehicle or pay to park at a metered parking space.

​Daily permit parking is now available at the following locations: Yellow Lot, Green Lot, Red Lot, at all 2-, 4-, and 10-hour state meters, Ferry St. Structure rooftop visitor spaces, Executive Upper Level spaces 129 - 135, and Capitol Mall Parking Structure Lower Level spaces E24 - E43 and F24 - F43. Click to view our parking facility maps.

You must clearly display a valid daily permit or a daily pass from a Yellow Lot kiosk. Half-day permits are good for four consecutive hours of parking. Daily and half-day permits are available for purchase at our office or from our online store. When purchasing from our online store, you have three options: 

  • Pick up your order at our office
  • Have your order sent by state shuttle mail to your office (additional $5 fee)
  • Have your order sent by certified mail to your home address (additional $10 fee) 

​​​​If you have monthly assigned parking through DAS Parking Services, you may leave your personal vehicle in the space vacated by the state vehicle (with your agency’s approval). If you park in a lot requiring a displayed permit (e.g., Red or Green Lot), then you need to display your permit when parking in the state vehicle space. Other employees are not allowed to park in your vacant assigned space while you are parked in the space vacated by the state vehicle.

If you do not have monthly assigned parking through DAS Parking Services, you must pay for parking in the space vacated by the state vehicle for the duration your personal vehicle is in the space. This can be accomplished by displaying a valid daily or half-day permit, or a daily pass from a Yellow Lot kiosk. Half-day permits are good for four consecutive hours of parking. Daily and half-day permits are available for purchase at our office or from our online store. When purchasing from our online store, you have three options: 

  • Pick up your order at our office
  • Have your order sent by state shuttle mail to your office (additional $5 fee)
  • Have your order sent by certified mail to your home address (additional $10 fee) 
To determine if your parking expenses are appropriate for travel reimbursement, employees and agencies must follow the DAS Working Remotely and DAS Statewide Travel policies.

​Yes. An assigned parker may allow others to use their space at no charge or sublet to others to share the space. DAS Parking rule requires those sharing the cost of a space to split that cost as evenly as possible among the users. When sharing a space, the assigned parker maintains rights to the space. Spaces may not be transferred from the assigned parker to a sharing partner. If the assigned parker uses an agency space for any reason, sharing partners may not use the assigned parkers assigned space during that time.​

​​Display an assigned permit. If you have assigned parking in a lot that requires a physical permit (Green Lot, Red Lot, Ferry Street Rooftop), the permit must be properly displayed (not covered) on the dashboard or hanging from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle, with the permit number facing out. If you have forgotten your permit, contact DAS Parking Services immediately by telephone, 503-378-5090, or email. You will receive temporary authorization to park without displaying your permit. However, the limit for reporting a forgotten permit is six instances within any 90-day period. Lost or stolen permits must be reported ASAP to DAS Parking Services.

If you are authorizing someone else to use your permit for the day, the permit must be properly displayed in that person’s vehicle. No exceptions. Unless otherwise authorized by DAS Parking Services, vehicles without the permit properly displayed are subject to citations.

​​Contact DAS Parking Services immediately by telephone, 503-378-5090, or email. DAS Parking Services will authorize you to park elsewhere for the day, at no charge. Do not park in another space of any kind - especially another reserved space - without prior authorization.​

​No. Do not park multiple vehicles from a certified carpool in any state parking facility without paying for the additional vehicle. Carpools are specifically set up as a ride-share, not a space-share arrangement. Even under the current emergency status in which carpooling has been difficult, only one vehicle from a carpool may use the assigned space or permit. If carpool participants drive to work separately, to avoid a citation, the additional carpool vehicle must purchase and display either a daily or half-day permit.​

​No. Do not use invalid or cancelled permits of any kind, especially ADA placards. Using an expired ADA placard or one that is not specifically assigned to you will lead to citations with much higher fines, as well as the possibility of more serious consequences.​

​No. Employees with a valid ADA placard must pay for parking. Using the placard in a visitor ADA space at the employee’s official work location or nearby parking facilities for the sole purpose of parking while accessing the official workplace will result in a citation. State employees with a valid ADA placard may only use designated visitor ADA spaces at other State parking facilities at locations apart from their official workplace while conducting short-term business. For assistance or clarification on where and when state employees with an ADA placard may use visitor ADA spaces for free, please contact DAS Parking Services at 503-378-5090 or by email.

​​DAS Parking Services has an agreement with the City of Salem to adjudicate state parking citations issued within the Salem city limits. To accomplish this, DAS Parking Services uploads state parking citation information to the city's ticketing system. Citations and warnings isssued by DAS Parking Services will display “State Parking Services” under the Agency heading, and the Beat will display as “State Capitol Mall”.

Portland State Office Building citations are handwritten and adjudicated through Multnomah County Court.​

​Agencies may not pay for employee monthly parking costs. For daily parking costs, employees and agencies must follow the DAS Working Remotely and DAS Statewide Travel​ policies to determine if parking expenses are appropriate for travel reimbursement.​

​Yes, that is entirely your decision and up to you to decide your comfort level on publicly sharing your parking space information. Also, to seek space sharing partners, it is solely your decision on whether to communicate your information via bulletin boards, via emails to coworkers, or by other methods. DAS advises you avoid sharing your space number with anyone except your designated sharing partners or other coworkers you have authorized to park in your space.

​No, managers may not assign or otherwise allow employees to use spaces of other employees who are working remotely. There is no requirement for employees to share their parking information with their manager. 

​No, agency managers should not be asking employees to share their parking information or space availability for this purpose. It is the employee’s responsibility to seek space sharing partners and their decision to share their parking information with others.

​​​Call or email the parking office at 503-378-5090 or at before 9 a.m. Report your name, permit number, vehicle license number, and the name of the lot where you are parked. You may also leave a voicemail with the same information.​

​​The yellow lot pay and display machines only accept debit and credit cards.
Yellow lot pay and display machine

​​​Contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or at and we'll assist you with getting on the appropriate waitlist.

​​Click the link below to complete a smart commuter application. Submit the completed form and we'll shuttle the permits to your work address. You may also stop by our office to apply and receive the permits in person.
     Smart commuter application

​​A smart commuter permit allows two free days of parking each month. The permits are valid at:
  • Capitol mall parking structure two hour parking meters
  • Green lot
  • Red lot
  • Yellow lot
  • Ferry Street structure rooftop unreserved spaces
  • Portland state office building park and pay spaces
Smart commuter permits are only available for state employees who work within the Salem capitol mall parking area or at the Portland state office building​.
     Smart commuter permit locations map

​​​ Contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or at for availability.

​​​Motorcycle permits allow you to park at any motorcycle reserved space, including nearby state lots and structures.

See our maps page or contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or at if you need further assistance.

​​​Visit Get There for further information on vanpools, commuter bus routes, and a carpool matching service. You can also contact Valley Vanpool at 877-826-7433 or fill out the transit pass application for your city on our forms page.

​​​​​​Contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or at We'll notify your payroll personnel to cancel your parking deduction. If you have a parking permit - red lot, green lot, yellow lot, or Ferry Street structure roof - please return it either in person or by mail to Fleet & Parking Services, 1100 Airport Rd SE, Salem OR 97301-6082.

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