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Voyager fuel card

The contract to manage the state's fuel credit card has been awarded to Voyager Fleet Systems, Inc. Click the links below for more information.

Voyager fuel cardEach vehicle has a designated Voyager fuel card which is intended for use only with that specific vehicle. If a card is lost or damaged, immediately contact the DAS Fuel Coordinator.

The Voyager fuel card is accepted at most major service stations, with the exception of ARCO, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Costco.

Refuel at the State Motor Pool facility in Salem whenever possible. When refueling elsewhere, verify the Voyager fuel card is accepted before fueling your vehicle. A Voyager pamphlet is provided with each fuel card; it contains instructions and a list of locations currently accepting the Voyager card.

The Voyager fuel card is scanned at the point of sale. Depending on which state fleet owns the vehicle you are driving, you may be prompted to supply the current odometer reading as well as a PIN. Each state fleet (i.e., DAS, ODOT, OSP) monitors purchases related to their own vehicles. The process to authorize services may differ based on the requirements of the individual fleet. Some of the items checked at the point of sale are: total gallons of fuel purchased, number of times fueled during the past 24 hours, type of fuel purchased, and total cost of the purchase. Miscellaneous purchases other than fuel are also monitored.
​Visit Voyager's acceptance locator to find retail fueling stations and car wash locations that accept the Voyager fuel card.

The Voyager fuel card company has made an important change: all Voyager fuel cards are now tied to a DIN/PIN (the DIN and PIN are used interchangeably). These new fuel cards require you to enter a DIN/PIN as well as the odometer at all fuelings.

Voyager fuel cards that require a DIN/PIN have an expiration date of 0523 (May 2023). For assigned vehicles, these new fuel cards have been mailed to the driver of record (assigned driver) and the DIN/PIN is included on the packing slip. For day trip rentals, these new fuel cards are in the vehicle packet and will include the DIN/PIN. If you have questions regarding your DIN/PIN, contact the DAS Fuel Coordinator.

When using the Voyager fuel card, if you enter the DIN/PIN incorrectly more than three times, the fuel card will be “locked out.” If you get locked out, call the DAS Fuel Coordinator or the 1-800 number on the back of the Voyager fuel card to reset your fuel card. The card reset will allow you to immediately use your fuel card for the intended purchase.

All Voyager fuel cards with the expiration date of 1020 will be deactivated on September 30, 2018. Please destroy any fuel cards you have with the 1020 expiration date (you do not need to return these cards to us).  

If you have any questions please contact the DAS Fuel Coordinator.

Linda S. Haun, DAS Fuel Coordinator
Fleet and Parking Services
DAS / Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
1100 Airport Road SE Salem, OR 97301
Phone 503-378-6937/Fax 503-378-5813

Contact the DAS Fuel Coordinator at 503-378-6937 or fleet.fuel@oregon.gov to report a lost, stolen, or damaged Voyager fuel card.


Additional resources

The motor pool fuel island and car wash are accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week by using the vehicle's Voyager fuel card.

Compressed natural gas fuel sales to the public: hours of operation for fueling passenger cars, trucks, and vans are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday (closed on state holidays). Large vehicles are by appointment only. Please call 503-378-4377.

Alternative fuels

State motor pool fuel island tutorials

Bulk fuel
Much of the state's fleet is now powered by alternative fuels, which are dispensed differently than unleaded gasoline. 
Training is available at the DAS state motor pool fuel station for the following alternative fuels: CNG, E-85, and biodiesel​. Click on the email link below to sign up for individual or group training. 
Richard Maxwell
State Motor Pool
1100 Airport Rd SE
Salem OR 97301-6082
Mobile: 503-580-9006

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