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Economic analysis

​Every two years, the state of Oregon completes the Highway Cost Allocation Study (HCAS). This study is the main instrument used during legislative sessions to determine changes in weight-mile and fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees. The Office of Economic Analysis manages this study.


Mos​​t recent reports


HCAS Study Review Team

The Study Review Team (SRT) consists of outside experts knowledgable about transportation policy. It includes experts working for interested parties such as the trucking industry and AAA. The team is chaired by the State Economist. The SRT's main functions are to identify key issues to be studied and to review the contractor's analysis and work products. The SRT meets approximately eight times during each biennial HCAS report cycle and receives no compensation for their service. 

The SRT: 

  • Selects the contractor to conduct the study
  • Reviews the contractor's final work plan
  • Provides policy direction to the study
  • Reviews the contractor's work elements
  • Reviews the draft study

2019 HCAS members

Study Team
​Joel Ainsworth, ECONorthwest
Erin Haswell, ECONorthwest
Matthew Kitchen, ECONorthwest
Roger Mingo, RD Mingo and Associates
Randall Pozdena, ECONorthwest
Study Review Team
Mark McMullen, Oregon Office of Economic Analysis (Chair)
Jerri Bohard, Oregon Department of Transportation
Mazen Malik, Oregon Legislative Revenue Office
Tim Morgan, AAA Oregon/Idaho
Don Negri, Willamette University
Jana Jarvis, Oregon Trucking Association

Project Manager
Bryanna Duke, Department of Administrative Services

The study team received valuable assistance from Waylon Buchan, Jennifer Campbell, Sven Johnson, Jim Leamon, Richard Munford, Lani Pennington, Dan Porter, Dave Ringeisen, Amber Tayler, and Paul R. Wirfs at the Oregon Department of Transportation; from Josh Lehner at the Office of Economic Analysis; from Daniel Hauser and Mike Eliason at the Association of Oregon Counties; and from Victor Dodier.


Past rep​orts


2013 Oregon HCAS
2013 Oregon HCAS appendices

2011 Oregon HCAS
2011 Efficient fee
2011 Oregon HCAS appendices

2009 Oregon HCAS

Prior studies are available by sending an email request to