​​​​​​Assistant State CIO role in Modernization

In support of the Governor's Action Plan for IT, ASCIOs are responsible for partnering with agencies in the development of consistent, coordinated, and collaborative multi-year modernization strategies for each of the six policy verticals. The development of individual agency Modernization Action Plans is foundational to this work. As is the establishment of common definitions, templates, assessment tools, and repeatable processes, development of business-driven Agency IT Strategic plans, and maturation of agency IT governance.

Beyond these specific deliverables, ASCIOs are also tasked with building trusted relationships with their agency partners and promoting the values embedded within the modernization vision for Oregon -- encompassing people, processes, and technology -- and serving as a guide to agencies as they embark upon their journeys towards digital transformation. In collaboration with agency leadership and IT resources, ASCIOs will assist agencies in assembling plans and roadmaps related to:

Modernization - put People Value first while leveraging technology to meet expanding business goals

Governance – business driven processes for effective and efficient us​e of Information Technology

Transformation of Service Delivery - leverage resources, drive innovation, and stay re​silient in the face of disruption

Alignment to Enterprise policies and guidance- including EIS Framework, security, cloud, and data strategies

Business Process Improvement - systematic approach to help agencies achieve more efficient results


Assistant State CIOs

Administrative and Business Services

Cindy Burger



Scott Emry


Healthy People

Tony Black


Natural Resources

Dan Miller


Public Safety

Ben Gherezgiher


Transportation and Economic Development

Cecily Warren




  • Develop business-driven Agency IT Strategic plans, and
  • Develop a set of consistent, coordinated, and collaborative multi-year modernization strategies for each of the six policy verticals

Guiding Principles