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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​About the PPM tool

​The Project Portfolio Management (PPM) tool (also referred to as PPM or Clarity PPM) is intended to enhance statewide governance as implemented under the leadership of the State Chief Information Officer. Oregon executive branch agencies, boards and commissions are required (unless exempted by statute) to use this tool for oversight project reporting. The PPM tool is the system of record for the oversight processEnterprise-wide IT project reporting to the legislature, the governor’s office, and the public is based on data in PPM so it is important that this information is accurate and up to date. 

Full project management functionality is available to agencies ​who decide to use the tool beyond oversight project reporting to EIS P3. If your agency is interested in using additional PPM functionality like timesheets or resource capacity planning please work with the PPM administrators to make those features available. 

Access to PPM

State employees or authorized contractors who are responsible for submitting documentation for the oversight process will need full edit rights in PPM. View only accounts are also available.

​Logging in

If you have an existing account, you can log in with your OR number here:

You will experience some application issues in the Internet Explorer browser, so it is best to use PPM in another browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge Chromium.

Forgot your password? 

PPM does not have a way for users to reset their own password at this time, so you will need to contact the PPM Administrators to request a password reset.​

New account request (view-only)

To request access to PPM with view-only rights, users can email both PPM Administrators with their OR number.  Training is not required at this time. ​

New account request (full edit access)

​To request access to PPM with full edit rights, users will need to complete the following steps:

Step 1: Request access to test system

Request a test user account by emailing both PPM Administrators (see contact information in side-navigation). Be sure to include your OR number and manager approval. 

Step 2: Complete training activities

After you receive your login credentials for the test system, complete the activities in the following order:​

  1. Watch this webi​nar to learn about the IT investment oversight process
  2. Watch the PPM tool how-to videos series below in the 'Project Investments' category 
  3. ​​Create an idea and convert to a project in the test system
  4. Complete the scavenger hunt worksheet​

Step 3: Request access to production system

After completing activities in Step 2, send email request to PPM Administrators with completed scavenger hunt.

​​PPM how-to video library

​​​For Project Investments

24 minutes

Start here to learn about the general navigation of the PPM tool, a look into the modules for ideas and projects, and the resources available to all users in the Knowledge Store. 
Create an idea
12 minutes

​In the idea module, learn how to create an idea for your IT investment concept and where to upload supporting documentation.  
Convert an idea into a project​ 
11 minutes
​Ready to submit an ITI form? Follow these steps to convert your idea into a project that is ready for ITI form submission.
Submit artifacts for oversight review
30 minutes
Learn how to load, manage, and track artifacts for the oversight review process.
​​Request a gate    endorsement 
19 minutes
Is your project ready to move to the next stage? Learn how to request a gate endorsement from EIS. 
Manage project updates
7 minutes
​As a project progresses, certain information will need to be updated in PPM, including: 
  • Updating financial information
  • Adding and removing team members
  • Managing the Collaboration space
  • Changing the assigned Project Manager 

For Program Investments

Program overview​
​13 minutes
​Learn how to navigate through the program module, maintain program documentation, and request program authorization from EIS.  


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Senior IT Portfolio Managers​

Stage Gate​​

Templates & Forms​

Questions and Answers​​ 

​Contact PPM Administrators

Contact admins for password resets, training requests, troubleshooting PPM issues, and any other questions or comments about PPM.