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Emergency Preparedness - Section 9

Mobile Office

The mobile office is designed to be transported into the field so procurement activities can be done on site.  This section includes a list of suggested items for a mobile office.


The DAS Procurement Services (PS) office has created 8 mobile offices that are strategically placed with managers and other key personnel from PS that will be used in the event of a disaster.  The purpose of the mobile office is to provide PS staff with the ability to perform critical job responsibilities from their homes or vehicles.  The mobile offices are equipped with hard copy information and documents, technology and supplies that allow PS staff to communicate with each other and process emergency procurements related to disasters.

Staffing Assignments

8 mobile offices are assigned as follows:
  • 1 mobile office assigned to each team lead from the transaction unit of PS
  • 1 mobile office for each of the three managers of PS
  • 1 mobile office assigned to a member of eProcurement Team support
  • 1 mobile office assigned on a rotational basis with two PCS2 positions

The PCS2's and eProcurement Team support will be on a six month rotation schedule and will post the schedule on the DAS shared drive (http:\\wptscfill02\ps) and also on the flash drives contained in the mobile offices.  If the disaster is sustained over a long period of time, the mobile offices will be transferred to other PS staff and a rotation will be set up to provide rest periods.

Information and Technology Refresh

The information contained in the mobile offices will be refreshed every six months. The PCS2 positions will refresh the flash drives contained in the mobile offices.  The current assigned PCS2 from the rotation schedule shall be responsible for the coordination of the refresh and will ensure all mobile offices have been updated prior to rotation of the next PCS2.  The information will include:

  • the latest emergency contact list, 
  • emergency contracts list downloaded from OregonBuys, 
  • the most current state equipment list (this equipment list is maintained by DAS Fleet Services), 
  • state owned facilities (primarily agencies that have large storage or staging areas such as ODOT, Department of Corrections, and Parks and Recreation), 
  • emergency and disaster related items available at DAS Surplus, and
  • financial (emergency SPOTS card holders) resources such as event logs, finance logs, blank PO forms,  and any other information needed in the event of an emergency.  
The same information will also be kept on and updated from the DAS shared drive (http:\\wptscfill02\ps\admin\BusinessContinuity).  The information on the shared drive shall be updated by PS staff on an as needed basis.  Batteries and snacks will also be refreshed.  The PCS2's will coordinate the return, refresh and redistribution of the mobile offices back to staff.

The technology refresh of the mobile offices would fall under the normal technology refresh procedures of the PS office, currently lead by the eProcurement Team staff members.  Current technology refresh is about every 4 years.

Storing and Activating Mobile Offices

Mobile offices will be kept at a safe location at the assigned staff homes.  The information contained in these mobile offices has a low security risk (Level 2) and isn't confidential; however, employees should use proper care to ensure the physical security of the mobile office and its contents, to prevent potential compromise through loss or theft of the mobile office. The mobile offices will be brought into action when called upon during a disaster. Staff will be responsible for bringing the mobile offices in to PS every six months for information refresh.  The PCS2 position will coordinate this activity.  The mobile offices will be numbered and bar coded and tracked through the DAS Procurement Services office tracking system (SMEAD).

Technology and Supplies

  • Netbook computer. These netbooks have built in WiFi cards and can be used to connect to the internet.
  • 2-way radio and user guide (FRS type that uses AAA batteries)
  • Digital camera (that uses AAA batteries)
  • First aid kit
  • USB flash drive
  • Emergency AM/FM radio w/ hand crank
  • AA-cell LED flash light
  • Metal clipboard with cover
  • Oregon road map
  • Mini versions of yellow pages for Portland, Salem, Eugene, Medford and Bend
  • Copies of current blank state of Oregon purchase orders
  • Copy of emergency contact and key personnel information
  • Miscelaneous office supplies (pads, pencils, pens, stapler, paperclips)
  • Extra AA and AAA batteries
  • Non-perishable snacks
  • 1 roll of duct tape
  • Construction grade nitrile gloves
  • Surgical masks (N-95 recommended grade)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Emergency water packet
  • Energy bars