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​​​We partner with state and local agencies to create a thriving marketplace that is fair, open and flexible. Our experienced staff members are available to provide you with knowledgeable and professional service.

Click on a program title below to view a list of staff members and contact information:

​Administrative a​nd management support for Procurement Services.

Receptionist ​503-378-4092
​Kim Wisdom ​971-209-9264

​Asset mo​vement and storage, asset sales, disaster recovery and BCP, disposal, financial, information security, real estate and space rental or lease and travel arrangements.

​Gwen Sunken ​503-798-1209
​Josh Rogers 971-209-5703
​Kaliska King ​503-798-1907
​Shirley Smith ​971-718-7428

​Audits, consultation, contract printing, exam certification, facilitation, interpretation, translation, transcription, legal services, alternative dispute resolution, process improvement, IT project and quality management, marketing, temporary staffing, testing and traini​ng.

​​Dion Kerle'e ​971-349-0518
​Jennifer Jolley ​971-900-7695
​Kim O'Neill 971-349-0114
​Miranda Longs
​Stefani Tew ​971-701-1860

​Building maintenance and repair, construction, electrical, facilities, fire and security, HVAC, janitorial services, landscaping, plumbing and signage.

​Dustin Sculatti 971-349-2087
​Kelly Mann 971-349-2117
​​Mary Mattison ​971-349-2109
​Nancy Doll 971-349-2086
​William Strong ​971-349-0991
Yulia Niece 971-719-3087

​Appro​ves agency special requests regarding procurement processes and authorities.

​Jay Jackson ​971-349-2410
​Sandy Clavet ​971-707-3082

​System administration for the OregonBuys eProcurement System and the ORPIN archive.

​Aaron Ward
​​​Nicole Brazeal ​503-302-9542
​​​​​Copiers, hardware, software and telecom.​ Email the whole IT team:

​Debbie Davis ​971-707-1100
​Kimberly Mainwaring 971-707-0081
​Laura Barna ​971-349-2337
​Laure Konseibo 971-349-2359
​Lori Nordlien ​971-707-0122
​Alicia Miller
​Nick Betsacon 971-718-1688
​Rachel Smith ​971-707-0263
​Brenda Schnee    
​Sara Stone

Construction & Commodities
Sandy Clavet​ Connolly
Information technology​ ​ ​
Norma Armstrong971-209-9964​

​​eProcurement, Program support, Research & analysis, Stakeholder engagement, Statewide training & certification
Darwin Kumpula​​971-900-7436      ​​

​Asset management, Business services, QRF program
John Anglemier971-349-2346     ​

​Administration and m​anagement support for the procurement business centers.

​Miranda Longs 971-349-0200
​Tina Reniere 971-349-0989

​​The QRF program promotes employment opportunities through public contracts for people with disab​ilities. State and local government agencies are required to purchase products and services from QRF suppliers as identified on the procurement list​.

​​​Darvin Pierce ​971-718-6212 ​​
​Rena Sawyer ​503-507-1246

​Research a​​nd analysis of government contracting and spending.

​Laurent Beauregard 971-349-2418

​Interprets and applies Oregon Public Procurement statutes, rules and policy for state agencies under DAS procurement authority.

Jay Jackson​​​ 971-349-2410

​Supplier​​ outreach and coordination of the ORCPP program. ORCPP is a fee for service program that allows local government and other qualified organizations access to a wide variety of state contracts to purchase goods and services.

​​​Adam Helvey ​971-349-2329
​Kelly Stevens-Malnar ​503-569-8252
​​​Kelly Mix 971-719-1680

Training manages certification courses and procurement-related continuing education programs for state agency and local government personnel.

​Anya Corbitt
​Kevin Doellefeld​971-349-2447​​

Project management of statewide procurement related initiatives like the Oregon Procurement Manual (OPM) and other Enterprise Leadership Team objectives. Manages the website.

Amy Velez ​971-349-2427​
​Kim Wisdom

​Vehicles, auto-related equipment, fuel, lubricants, fleet rental and lease information, and restaurant equipment.​

​Blake Schwabauer 971-349-2486
​Brent Lutz ​971-719-3436
​John Starrs ​971-349-2539

​Dental, environmental, laboratory services and equipment, mailing equipment, medical services and supplies, p​​harmaceuticals, janitorial supplies, and body armor, ammunition, office supplies and services, task seating, wireless. Also includes food service products such as produce, dry goods, meat, seafood, dairy, bakery and food services.

​Keri Ashford
​​Lori Doke 971-719-1627


Procurement Services
General Services Building
1225 Ferry St SE
Salem, OR 97301
Phone: 503-378-4642

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