Finance tracking log [DP400]​​

DP400 instructio​ns

OEM Action #

Oregon emergency management emergency coordination center or individual agency operations centers action number.  Enter this number from the disaster event log.

P​O #

The purchase order (PO) number issued by the contracting agency.  Enter this number from the disaster event log​.

SPOTS Card Use

Enter the name holder and contact number of the SPOTS card used for this transaction.  (This is only applicable if a SPOTS card was used)

Use​r / PO

Enter the end use or PO number.

Incident Number

The contracting agency's internal tracking used.  Enter this number from the disaster event log​.

Vendor Nam​e

The vendor where the purchase occurred.  Enter this number from the disaster event log​

Item ​/ Description

Enter a brief description of item purchased from packing slip or invoice from vendor.

Qty/ H​rs

Enter the quantity purchased from packing slip or invoice from vendor.

Unit Pr​ice

Enter the unit price for the item purchased from the vendor.

Total ​Price

Spreadsheet will automatically calculate for you in the electronic version.

Date Purchased

Enter in the date purchased.

Delivery Loc​ation

Enter in the general location of the delivery (e.g. Clatsop county or Tillamook)

Delive​ry Area

Enter in a more specific area, if known.

Invoice Num​ber

Enter in the invoice number from the packing slip or invoice.

Purchase Am​ount

Spreadsheet automatically carries over from Total Price.

Remainin​g Balance

The remaining balance available on the SPOTS card used.​

DP400 for​m​

This spreadsheet is broken into three categories.  SPOTS card spend, original equipment manufacturer purchase orders and direct bill.  Per FEMA requirements for reimbursement, complete this sheet by entering each line item purchased.

Inserting additional ​rows

If you need to insert additional rows into the spreadsheet, be sure and insert above the total line within the section to ensure the formulas remain intact.​