When an emergency has been declared 




Disaster preparedness - Procurement process flow chart - DP200DP200form5/24/2011Recommended use
Disaster preparedness - Resource coordination process - DP500DP500wf12/2/2013Mandatory use
Incident command system reviewDPics12/10/2014Recommended use
Disaster preparedness tip sheetDPTipSheet2/23/2012Recommended use
Walk thru scripts for emergency procurementDPWalkThruScripts12/10/2014Recommended use
Emergency preparation guidelines for state procurement officialsEmerPrep4State5/23/2013N/A
Guide to developing a business continuity planGuide2DevBCP2/4/2009Recommended use
Guide to testing a business continuity planGuide2TstngBCP6/20/2009Recommended use
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Business continuity planning worksheetBusAgencyCBFws4/21/2006Recommended use
Business impact analysis questionnaireBusImpAnalysQs7/21/2008Recommended use
Buyers Guide for PA 5776BuyersGuide577611/5/2020Mandatory use
Disaster coordination agreement sampleDPiaa8/19/2013Recommended use
Disaster preparedness - Disaster event log - DP300DP300form4/14/2011Recommended use
Disaster preparedness - Disaster finance tracking log - DP400DP400form5/6/2011Recommended use
Disaster preparedness - Event tracking status report - DP100DP100form12/10/2010Recommended use
Disaster preparedness guideDPguide12/10/2014Recommended use
Facilities space request formDASspaceReq2/20/2009Recommended use
Purchase order for goodsPO6/28/2019Recommended use
State Data Center data collection formSDCdataCollect3/30/2009Recommended use
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Disaster coordination agreement sampleDPiaa8/19/2013Recommended use
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