Price and ​services agreements

The IT quality assurance (QA) Price and Services Agreements (PSAs) are mandatory for state agency major IT projects and convenience for all other IT QA-related purposes.  

Selection of contractor is based on an intelligent rotation process for state agency major IT projects or a "best value" competitive ("BVC") process within the pool of PSA holders for all other engagements. 

A complete copy of the following statewide agreements can be found on OregonBuys.

  • ​#9920 CSG
  • #9921 Case Associates
  • #6189 Cognosante Consulting
  • #9923 Gartner
  • #9924 Hittner and Associates
  • #9925 KPMG
  • #9926 Maximus
  • #9927 MTG
  • #9930 Public Knowledge
  • #5773 SLI Global Solutions

Consulting terms and conditions

Consulting terms and conditions​ ​