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Requesting Procurement Services

All agencies and personnel doing procurements under DAS authority, who don't have delegated authority to conduct the procurement themselves, must submit a request for our services or request an agency specific delegation. Review OAR 125-246-0170 to find out if your agency has delegated authority, or check if your agency has a previously approved agency specific delegation from the State Chief Procurement Officer. Read more in this outline of roles and responsibilities.

How to Submit a Request

  • If you're a DAS employee, submit a request through OregonBuys using these instructions. OregonBuys login is required. Contact your manager to request OregonBuys access.
  • If you're a member of a government board or commission, or a member of an agency with no Designated Procurement Officer, submit a request through OregonBuys using these instructions. DAS On-Behalf Of (DAS OBO) access is required.

Special Requests

We process special requests (delegations, special procurements, sole source) only through OregonBuys. Agencies must have access to DAS OBO to be able to submit special requests. Complete the applicable form shown below, and use these instructions to attach it to your special request in OregonBuys:

How to Fill Out the Request Form

Use this checklist to gather the necessary information. Call us if you have any questions: 503-378-4642.  

Drafting a good Scope of Work is the most critical part of the entire contracting process. The Scope of Work is used when selecting a vendor, and when finalizing the contract. Many people confuse Scope of Work with Statement of Work. Think of your scope as an umbrella that covers the statements. Create a scope that encompasses all of your intentions (in more general terms) and let the statement provide the details on how it gets accomplished. Here are some tips on how to create a great Scope of Work (SOW):

What to Expect

We'll send an acknowledgement receipt within two business days of your submission. Within four business days, we'll assign an experienced PS buyer to your request. Within seven business days from submission, the PS buyer will contact you to review your request and arrange next steps. They'll work with you to ensure the minimum information requirements are met and to create a mutually agreed upon timeline for completion. See the Procurement Services Service Level Agreement webpage for more information.

Need Help?

Contact the DAS Procurement Services help desk at 503-378-4642 or