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Training - Oregon Procurement Body of Knowledge (OPBoK)

The Oregon Procurement Body of Knowledge (OPBoK) is a list of the required knowledge, skills and abilities (KSA) individuals must have to conduct a procurement or administer a contract for an Oregon state agency. 

The OPBoK's primary purpose: 

  • Assists managers in the management of the performance of their workers.
  • Assists managers in the professional development of their workers.
  • Lists the subject matter/topics trainings that qualify for Oregon Public Procurement Certification contract hours must have.
  • Forms the basis for procurement Learning Event (LE) development.

OPBoK Format

The OPBoK is subject to change at any time based on emerging procurement-related legislation, rulemaking, and regular review. Email the DAS PS Training Team to confirm OPBoK contents at

There are four sections in the OPBoK:
  1. Domain — The high-level delineation of tasks that correspond to the four stages of a procurement as stated in the Oregon Procurement Manual.
  2. Duty — The high order set of related tasks within a given domain.
  3. Task — An observable and measurable unit of specific work behavior.
  4. Knowledge, Skill, Ability — The special qualifications and personal attributes needed to perform a particular task or job.

Request OPBoK Changes

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