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In 2015, new procurement and contract administration training requirements were written into law ORS279A.159 with the passage of HB2375. DAS Procurement Services and a group of Designated Procurement Officers are working together to prepare training standards and programs to meet the new statutory requirements. Read about the implementation plan >>

We're making compliance easy for you by clearly outlining the new requirements and providing helpful online resources. We'll update this web page as additional components are added in future phases.

First component: Contract Administration Training Certificate

State employees responsible for administering a state contract over $150,000 will be required to obtain the DAS PS Contract Administration Training Certificate in iLearn by December 31, 2018. This standard will apply to state contracting agencies, even those not under DAS procurement authority. Other state employees assigned to contract administration related duties are encouraged to take the training Learning Events that apply to their job.

The DAS Contract Administration Training consists of:

  • The following 11 Learning Events, each Learning Event includes a quiz:
    • DAS PS Introduction to Contract Administration
    • DAS PS Amendments and Change Orders
    • DAS PS Administering Contracts and Managing Vendors
    • DAS PS Developing a Contract Administration Plan
    • DAS PS Contract Closeout
    • DAS PS Procurement Rules
    • DAS PS Contract Remedies
    • DAS PS Receiving Goods & Services and Paying Contractors
    • DAS PS Audits
    • DAS PS Procurement Ethics
    • DAS PS Plan & Execute Negotiations
  • Online delivery, take the training from your computer when it's convenient for you.
  • There's no fee to access and take the Contract Administration Training in iLearn
  • Test out option - Learning Events allow you to go directly to the end of course quiz. Receive full credit for the Learning Event when passing the quiz.
  • Certificate is issued in iLearn upon successful completion of all Learning Events and quizzes.

Learn more by downloading these informational handouts:

​Contract Administration Training Certificate informational handouts ​
Am I a Contract Administrator? checklist
Frequently asked questions ​One-page summary Talking points

Second component: Principles of Public Procurement

By December 31, 2018, state employees responsible for conducting a procurement over $10,000 will be required to successfully complete the DAS Principles of Public Procurement Learning Event, or have a valid Oregon Procurement Basic Certification (OPBC). This standard will apply to state contracting agencies, even those not under DAS procurement authority.

Employees responsible for “conducting a procurement” includes, but is not limited to, those with procurement authority or that have significant responsibility in the procurement process, such as:

  • Developing procurement documents.
  • Posting or publishing notices or awards.
  • Negotiating contract terms.
  • Resolving conflicts or protests.
  • Writing amendments or change orders.

Principles of Public Procurement Learning Event Overview:

  • Five full-day sessions — delivered in person, one day per week, over the course of five weeks (40-contact hrs.).
  • Cost for the Principles of Public Procurement Learning Event is $350.00 per person.
  • Monthly Principles of Public Procurement Learning Events are available for sign-up through iLearn (log in required). State employees who are required to take this Learning Event will get registration priority.
  • A test out option is available to those with an expired or lapsed OPBC starting July 9, 2018. Sign-up through iLearn (log in required) and pay the $150.00 examination fee.

Learn more by downloading these informational handouts:

​Principles of Public Procurement informational handouts
Do I Conduct Procurements? checklist Frequently asked questions ​One-page summary    Talking points          


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