Risk management

Accident packet documents for state-owned vehicles

Every state-owned vehicle should have a "Crash Report Packet" in the glove box. If a state vehicle is damaged in a crash, read the instructions on the "State Vehicle Crash Sheet". It will help you be sure you contact all those needed and get all the important information. The "State Vehicle Crash Checklist" is also helpful to make sure you complete all the actions needed during and after a vehicle crash.

Use this document at the scene to collect information about the state driver and the other vehicle driver. The state driver should keep this form for use later to fill out the ODOT "DMV Traffic Accident and Insurance Report" form.
Use this document at the scene and after the crash to make sure you notify all necessary parties and complete the required documents.
Use this document at the scene to record names and addresses of any witnesses.
This form is required when damage exceeds $2,500 or someone is injured. Complete it after you return to the office. Failure to submit this form can result in a fine or license suspension.
Give these cards out to the non-state driver. It gives them DAS Risk Management's contact information and information on how to file a claim.
This certificate is for state-owned vehicles only. Show to police or anyone who needs to see information about insurance coverage.