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Driving Overview

Driving on State Business

Oregon state agencies and their employees provide many services to citizens. There are times when providing these services require driving. State employees drive millions of miles providing key state services in both personally and state owned vehicles. The state requires its drivers to be authorized by their agency to drive and that drivers operate their vehicles legally, respectfully and safely. State vehicles may only be used for lawful, necessary official agency business. Any other use is not allowed. These pages provide information, support, and tools for agencies and their drivers.
The links below provide additional information related to the rules, drivers and vehicle usage. If you have more questions that are not addressed in these pages, contact DAS RM and speak to a Risk Consultant.

Documents that should be in the glove box of all state-owned vehicles.

​Travel resources ​
Tools and resources to help with risks while traveling on state business

Form to report state employee driving or possible misuse of state-owned vehicle. 

​Toolkit to b​e resources for agencies as they develop policies, procedures, or plans to meet requirements of the rules​.

Vehicle rules frequently asked questions

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