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Volunteer Injury Coverage Toolkit

Volunteer Workers' Compensation Coverage

State agencies, boards and commissions must select the coverage they wish to provide injured volunteers who are working under their direction and control.  The three choices are:

  • No workers’ compensation coverage – volunteers receive no coverage for injuries or diseases that occur while performing services for the state.

  • Full workers’ compensation coverage – volunteers receive the same benefits as employees if injured while working for the state. This coverage includes both medical and disability benefits. Have volunteers complete the appropriate form. Agencies must track and report to Risk Management the volunteer’s assumed wage and hours worked. The assumed wage is based on the minimum wage. If an agency reports through OSPS, the assumed wages and hours are entered there and automatically reported to Risk Management. If an agency does not use OSPS, they must send a quarterly report to DAS Risk Management summarizing the required information. Contact us for more information regarding quarterly reporting. Please refer to the OSPA Reference Manual for volunteers, boards and commissions for instructions on reporting assumed wages and hours in OSPS.

  • Volunteer Injury Coverage – volunteers receive coverage that is supplemental of their health insurance benefit. Benefits include reimbursement up to $10,000 of co-pays, deductibles, expenses, etc. – things that their health insurance does not cover. Coverage is provided through the state’s Volunteer Injury Coverages, Policy 125-7-204.
Risk Management must be notified of the agency’s choice of coverage prior to engaging the volunteers. The choice may be made on an agency wide basis or a single choice for each type of volunteer the agency has. After notification, agencies must have each volunteer complete the appropriate form for the type of coverage provided. The volunteer coverage forms and more detailed processes and procedures such as filing injury claims are included in the policy.

Risk Management maintains a Volunteer Coverage Agency List of choices already made by the agencies for their volunteers. This list is sorted by agency number and provides which of the three were selected and for which volunteers. If no group is specified, it is assumed that the selection was for all volunteers. There are hyperlinks within the list for the correct form that is associated with the type of coverage your agency has selected

Please note that although a choice is made for workers’ compensation coverage, volunteers under the direction and control of a state agency, board or commission are generally eligible for tort liability coverage. This coverage provides payment for costs associated with a volunteer’s actions that give rise to a claim or lawsuit.