Risk management

State of Oregon sponsored training

Risk Connection Encore Presentation!!!!!

Date: September 12, 2018

Time: 1:30pm - 3:30pm

Place: ODOT East Salem Complex Buidling X Conference Room, 855 Airport Rd SE, Salem

Course Name: Disaster Preparedness Planning - At work, At Home, At Play

Have the recent western wildfires, the Gulf and Caribbean hurricanes and the Mexico City earthquake gotten your attention? Do you want to learn more about planning and preparring at work and at home? Join us for our next Risk Connection Program.

Participants will become familiar with disasters that we face here in Oregon and how we can prepare ourselves, our families and where we work. This presentation will move participants through the disaster preparedness process beginning with a short review of past disasters in Oregon and assessing potential hazards in your community. Once hazards and threats have been identified we will focus on family preparedness training, building “Go Kits”, and best practices for communicating with loved ones. Finally, participants will be introduced to agency preparedness concepts and organizational structures that can be used to ensure continuity of operations where you work. This will include the DHS|OHA three program process that achieves the goal of protecting employees and building occupants during a disaster, ensuring client service delivery through continuity of operations planning, and expanding operations to respond to large scale disasters.

Speaker: Stan Thomas, Program Manager for the DHS|OHA Occupational Health, Safety and Emergency Services Unit. He is also a certified Red Cross “PREPARE” class trainer, and a former search and rescue volunteer and FEMA liaison.   

This Risk Connection will be held in the ODOT East Complex Building X Conference Room, 855 Airport Rd SE Salem on September 12th, 2018 from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. No cost parking available. Registration through iLearn will be posted soon. If you don't have access to iLearn, contact us at 503-373-7475 or email us at risk.management@oregon.gov.

RMIS Lite User training (STARS Enterprise)

Agency authorized personnel may sign up for training to learn how to access the system and run agency specific reports.  Users will be required to sign a user agreement when they receive their assigned log-on. Please send your questions, comments or requests for training to Luella Ackerson or call 503-373-7003.

SAIF Corporation sponsored training

Office ergonomics work station assessor

A joint venture with SAIF, the state’s workers’ compensation insurer. Teaches methods to fit and adjust a seated workstation to individual employee needs. Essential for Office Ergonomics program. Open enrollment. Pre-registration required. In Salem.

Training for state agencies

State employees can view class schedules and register on SAIF's training web site. If you need information or have any questions, contact Stacia Melendy, SAIF’s Oregon Team, at (503) 373-8107 or 1-800-285-8525, ext. 8107 or e-mail her at stamel@saif.com.