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External Workers’ Compensation Process for Out of State Employees in Iowa


In the event of an on-the-job injury or illness occurring in the State of Iowa, please follow the below steps in order.

  • Step 1:  Report the injury or illness to your supervisor immediately. Seek medical treatment from a list of providers preselected in your area. DAS Risk Management will provide this list to you.

  • Step 2:  Document your injury as soon as possible by choosing one of the following options: 
    • If you work for an agency that reports an injury, illness or near miss using the Workday system, logon to Workday. Select Report a Safety Incident within the Workday Safety application. 

    • If your agency has not established an injury, illness or near miss reporting process or you are unaware of the process, please click on this hyperlink.Select Submit a New Risk Management Request, fill-in the fields on the form and select  Out-of-State Safety Incident Report under the Type of Request drop down menu, then submit the form.
    • Step 3: Please complete the State of Iowa First Report of Injury or Illness form immediately and send  to DAS Risk Management. Keep a copy for your own records. 

    • Step 4:  File a claim with the appropriate insurance carrier. Your claim will be managed by Zurich, our out of state insurance provider.  You should expect a call from Zurich after the claim is filed. Please work with Zurich and provide them with any needed information during the life of your claim.
    Please review the Workers' Compensation Questions and Answers Brochure to help familiarize yourself with the claims process. 

    For any questions or concerns please reach out to DAS Risk Management.

    Mailing address:
         PO Box 12009
         Salem, Oregon 97309
    Phone: 503-373-7475
    Fax: 503-373-7337​