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State of Oregon

​Capital Finance

The Capital Finance and Planning section has direct responsibility for managing several independent financing programs, coordinating, statewide budgeting for bonds and capital construction, and coordinating statewide facilities planning. The section is responsible for approval of state Article XI-Q bonds and other financing agreements. XI-Q bonds are the primary source for financing facilities and capital equipment (excluding article XI-G and XI-F bonds for Higher Education). 

Other section duties include:

  • Coordinating issuance of State Lottery Bonds and Tax Anticipation Notes (TANs)

  • Administering the Pension Obligation Bond Program

Facilities Planning

Facilities Planning ensures the statewide capital planning process​ effectively evaluates the needs and conditions of state facilities, establishes and implements guidelines and standards for acquiring, managing and maintaining state facilities and provides financing and budgeting strategies to allocate resources to facility needs. Our unit establishes criteria for evaluating proposed state-owned facilities, maintains related databases of state-owned property,​ and oversees data collection, analysis, and benchmarking​ related to the utilization and stewardship of existing facilities.

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