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Frequently Asked Questions - Parking

​​​Call or email the parking office at 503-378-5090 or before 9 a.m. Report your name, permit number, vehicle license number, and the name of the lot where you are parked. You may also leave a voicemail with the same information.​

​​​​Contact the parking office immediately by telephone 503-378-5090​ or email​. You will be authorized to park elsewhere for the day, at no charge. Do not park in another space of any kind - especially another reserved space - without prior authorization.​

​​​​​Contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or and we'll assist you with getting on the appropriate waitlist.

​​​Use the links below to determine the best alternate parking option:

​​​​ Contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or for availability.

​​​Visit Get There for further information on vanpools, commuter bus routes, and a carpool matching service. You can also contact Valley Vanpool at 877-826-7433 or fill out the transit pass application for your city on our forms page.

​​​Motorcycle permits allow you to park at any motorcycle reserved space, including nearby state lots and structures.

See our parking facility maps page or contact the parking office at 503-378-5090 or if you need further assistance.

​​​The smart commuter program allows two free days of parking each month for state employees that use carpool or public transit more than half of their workdays each month to travel to work.

State employees that are accepted into the program will receive a booklet of permits and a map of valid smart commuter free parking locations.

To apply, submit a smart commuter program application

​​​​​​Pay to park. If you do not have monthly assigned parking through DAS Parking Services, you must have a valid, properly displayed daily permit in your vehicle or pay to park at a metered parking space.

​Daily permit parking is now available at the following locations:

  • Yellow lot
  • Green lot
  • Red lot
  • At all 2, 4, and 10-hour state meters
  • Ferry St. structure rooftop visitor spaces
  • Executive upper level spaces 129 - 135
  • Capitol mall parking structure lower level spaces E24 - E43 and F24 - F43
Parking facility maps

You must clearly display a valid daily permit or a daily pass from a Yellow lot kiosk. Half-day permits are good for four consecutive hours of parking. Daily and half-day permits are available for purchase at our office or from our online store. When purchasing from our online store, you have three options: 

  • Pick up your order at our office
  • Have your order sent by state mail shuttle to your office (additional $5 fee)
  • Have your order sent by USPS certified mail to your home address (additional $10 fee) 

​​Display an assigned permit. If you have assigned parking in a lot that requires a physical permit (Green lot, Red lot, Ferry Street rooftop), the permit must be properly displayed (not covered) on the dashboard or hanging from the rear-view mirror of the vehicle, with the permit number facing out.

If you have forgotten your permit, contact the parking office immediately by telephone 503-378-5090 or email You will receive temporary authorization to park without displaying your permit. However, the limit for reporting a forgotten permit is six instances within any 90-day period. Lost or stolen permits must be reported ASAP.

If you are authorizing someone else to use your permit for the day, the permit must be properly displayed in that person’s vehicle. No exceptions. Unless otherwise authorized, vehicles without the permit properly displayed are subject to citation.

​​​​​DAS Parking Services has an agreement with the city of Salem to adjudicate state parking citations issued within the Salem city limits. Citations and warnings isssued by DAS Parking Services will display “State Parking Services” under the agency heading, and the beat will display as “State Capitol Mall."

Portland state office building citations are handwritten and adjudicated through Multnomah county court.​

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