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How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness, Near Miss

How to Report a Work-Related Injury or Illness, Near Miss

Safety Incident Reporting Overview

A process to report work-related injuries, illnesses and near misses is an important part of the state employee's safety and health management program. The most common way to submit a safety incident report is the Workday system. While other systems may also be in place the goal is the same.

Reporting is key in helping each agency identify workplace hazards and near misses. In addition, it is necessary in completing annual OSHA required postings and initiating workers' compensation claims. DAS Risk Management will assist agencies in managing their out-of-state workers' compensation claims. In order to be efficient in this partnership, we must be informed as soon as possible when a work-related injury or illness occurs with an out-of-state employee. Your benefits may also be denied if you report an injury or illness later than required by your remote work state. 

Reporting Process

There are two ways to file a safety incident report for out-of-state work injuries, illnesses and near misses. Select from below the option that best fits your agency guidance.

  • If you work for an agency that reports an injury, illness or near miss using the Workday system, logon to Workday. Select Report a Safety Incident within the Workday Safety application. DAS Risk Management receives a report of any injury or illness to an employee working remotely outside of the State of Oregon. 
  • If your agency has not established an injury, illness or near miss reporting process or you are unaware of the process, please click on this hyperlink. Select Submit a New Risk Management Request, fill-in the fields on the form and select “out-of-state safety incident report” under the Type of Request drop down menu, then submit the form. We will notify your agency safety and/or HR Partner of your report ASAP.

Once you have reported a safety incident, follow the process for out-of-state workers' compensation claims