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How can I get coverage?

How can I get coverage?

Oregon has a voluntary competitive market comprised of more than 300 companies licensed to sell workers' compensation insurance. Some good resources to help you find coverage include:

  • The insurance agent who helps you with other kinds of business insurance.
  • If your agent cannot help you, ask for agent referrals from friends or other business owners.
  • Contact our office at 503-378-4209.

Assigned risk plan

If one or more insurance companies refuse to cover you, coverage is available through the Oregon Workers' Compensation Insurance Plan or what is commonly known as the assigned risk plan. If you get turned down for coverage:

  • First contact the insurance agent who has sold you other lines of coverage (such as auto or homeowner). Often, that agent will be able to apply for assigned risk coverage on your behalf.
  • Apply directly to the assigned risk plan by calling the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) at 800-622-4123 (toll-free). You may apply by phone by selecting the "Assigned Risk" option on the recording. Ask NCCI to fax you an application, or you can request NCCI to take your application over the phone. Any insurance agent can help you complete the faxed application. You can also access the application online at

Tips on applying to the assigned risk plan (PDF)

Employee leasing

Employee leasing is an alternative to employers directly obtaining workers’ compensation coverage. It is similar to using a temporary employment agency, except instead of the agency providing the employees, the employer takes its chosen employees to the leasing company, which hires them and then leases them back to the employer. The cost varies by leasing company, but includes the cost of the payroll plus an administrative fee (which can include the cost of workers’ compensation coverage). For some businesses, employee leasing can provide savings to their workers’ compensation premiums.

More information is available on the Workers’ Compensation Division website.

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