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Resolving premium disputes

What if I disagree with my premium bill or final audit?

If you believe you may be overpaying for workers’ compensation coverage, take the following steps:

  1. Contact your insurance company or agent. Explain what you disagree with, such as whether you think the classification is wrong or the payroll was not calculated correctly. Often, businesses and insurers are able to resolve the situation together.
  2. Contact the Small Business Ombudsman. The ombudsman office may be able to contact the insurer on your behalf and resolve the issue. You can email us at or call 503-947-7897.
  3. Consider appeal options. The Small Business Ombudsman can help identify more formal steps to take to appeal your bill. Options include filing an appeal with the Insurance Division or meeting with the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Review and Advisory Committee (known as ORAC).

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