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Tools for businesses

How to register your business

Are you looking to start a business, find a business, or register a business name? The Corporation Division of the Secretary of State's Office can help. Secretary of State's small business registry

Independent contractor rules

Do you have a question about Oregon independent contractor requirements? The Oregon Independent Contractors can help.

Construction Contractors Board

If your business is licensed by the Construction Contractors Board, there may be unique workers’ compensation requirements. For more information, go to the board’s website.

Employment law information

For information about employment laws, go to the Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) website.

Preferred workers

Oregon preferred workers can provide valuable incentives for you.

Apply for a Preferred Worker Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy

Office for Small Business Assistance

Housed in the Office of the Oregon Secretary of State, the Small Business Advocate's core mission is to assist entrepreneurs who believe they have been subject to unreasonable or unfair state regulatory actions.

Oregon OSHA consultation services

To learn about no-cost, confidential services to help avoid safety hazards, go to the Oregon OSHA website.

Look up an employer's coverage

Find coverage information for a business.


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