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Department of Early Learning and Care

Setting up Child Care

This page tells you the steps for setting up child care after you are approved for Employment Related Day Care (ERDC). You get to choose your child care provider. The resources on this page can help you find high quality, stable child care.

Step 1: Choose a child care provider

Finding quality child care

Knowing that your child is well cared for while you go to work or school can help you feel better about leaving your child in care. Quality child care is safe for your child, makes your child feel comfortable, helps your child grow and learn, and can be counted on when you need it.

  • We suggest that you talk with several providers before you choose.
  • Use this checklist for tips and questions you can ask when you are choosing a provider.

Not sure where to start?

211info can help.

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Step 2: Make sure your provider is listed and approved

Before the provider starts taking care of your child, make sure they have been approved for payment by DELC. This is called being “listed and approved."

  • The provider must meet all DELC requirements. This includes passing a background check.
  • DELC can't pay your provider for child care that takes place before they are approved.
  • If your provider is not listed and approved, you can give them the Child Care Provider Listing Form to fill out or refer them to this web page for instructions.

Note: Being listed and approved to provide child care for ERDC is not the same as being a licensed child care provider. Make sure your provider is listed and approved with DELC before they start taking care of your child.

Step 3: Tell us the provider you choose

Tell an DELC worker the child care provider you choose. You can also call the Direct Pay Unit (DPU) at 800-699-9074.

The provider will get a billing form after they are approved and connected to your case. Your provider needs to have the billing form before providing care. If the provider doesn't get the form, check with a DELC worker or call 800-699-9074.

The form will show:

  • The time period authorized for child care
  • The names of eligible children in your family
  • The number of child care hours authorized by DELC
  • Your copay amount

Step 4: Make your copay every month

You are responsible for making your copay to your child care provider each month.

  • Make sure to get a receipt from the provider.
  • You will not be eligible for ERDC if you don't pay your copay.
  • You may be able to make other copay arrangements with your provider, like “bartering” (exchanging services for child care). Be sure to get the agreement in writing.

Learn more about copays and billing

Step 5: Tell us if something changes

If any of the following changes happen , you must report this to DELC within 10 days of the change:

  • You change child care providers.
  • You move or get a new mailing address.
  • Your employment status changes.
  • Your income goes above the ERDC exit income limit and is expected to continue at this amount.
  • There is a change in membership of your filing group.
  • A member of your filing group is discharged from the U.S. military or is returning from active duty in a military war zone.

How to report changes