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We’ve come a long way...

In the beginning HispNet was created more than 20 years ago for Hispanic Self-Sufficiency workers to network, focus on policies and learn how to best serve the Hispanic immigrant population.

Now, the Hispanic Network's mission and goals have evolved over time. HispNet is no longer exclusively for Hispanic and Self-Sufficiency employees. We are open to all who want to expand their knowledge and resources so we can deliver more effective and culturally appropriate services.


HispNet advises DHS Leadership and other committees actively seeking to support, promote awareness, and increase service access to all Hispanic/Latinx Oregonians. HispNet creates professional development opportunities for Hispanic/Latinx staff, while providing resources, information, and tools for success in their current roles.


All Hispanic/Latinx Oregonians and staff will feel welcome and safe in DHS offices and have opportunities to achieve their goals.