Aging and People with Disabilities

ODHS Mission

To help Oregonians in their own communities achieve wellbeing and independence through opportunities that protect, empower, respect choice and preserve dignity.​


Oregon’s older adults, people with disabilities and their families experience person-centered services, supports and early interventions that are innovative and help maintain independence, promote safety, wellbeing, honor choice, respect cultural preferences and uphold dignity. ​​


  • Well-being: Older adults and people with disabiliti​es feel safe and experience their best quality of life.
  • Accessibility: Oregonians can readily and consistently access services and supports to meet their needs. 
  • Quality outcomes: Oregonians engage in services and supports that are preventive, evidence-informed, and lead to quality outcomes. 
  • Service equity: Oregonians experience programs, services and supports that are designed, improved and responsive to historical inequities, current disparities, and individual experiences.
  • Engagement: Consumers are empowered by information, communication and advocacy through strong, collaborative partnerships with stakeholders and rich community dialogue.