Child Care

What does it mean to be listed?

To be eligible for payment from the Department of Human Services (DHS), the provider must be listed with DHS.

Note: The DHS listing is separate from the process of becoming a registered or certified child care provider. To find out how to become registered or certified in the state of Oregon, see the OCC Website.

The listing process must be completed before you provide care. You can find detailed information about becoming a child care provider on the Child Care Provider Listing Form and instructions.

It is important that you complete the DHS Child Care Provider Listing form and send it in to the DHS Direct Pay Unit (DPU) right away. The listing form must be received and processed before a billing form can be sent to you. You will need to receive a billing form so you can be paid.

The effective date for payment from DHS cannot be earlier than the date you are listed with DHS and is in approved status. This means DHS will not cover care provided prior to completing the listing process.

How do I get listed?

To be listed, the provider must complete a Child Care Provider Listing form and mail it to:

Direct Pay Unit
P.O. Box 14850
Salem, OR 97309-0850

You may also get a form by:

Carefully follow instructions on the form. If the listing form is not complete, it may be returned to you, and processing will be delayed. Delays in DPU receiving this form will affect when payment can start.

Additional information

You may contact the Direct Pay Unit at 1-800-699-9074 if you have questions about completing the form.

For more information about becoming a child care provider see the Child Care Provider Guide.