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Child Care

​​​​Enhanced rates are paid to providers listed on the Oregon Registry. Special rates are paid to providers that care for children or youth with disabilities. See below for ​details about these rates.

Enhanced​ rates

To encourage providers to pursue child care training and reward those who make the effort, ODHS can pay a higher rate, called the enhanced rate, to child care providers who are listed on the Oregon Registry.

How do I qualify for the enhanced rate?

Family providers and centers who are exempt from Office of Child Care (OCC) licensing must meet specific training requirements of the Oregon Registry to receive the enhanced rate. These requirements include:

  1. Completing at least two hours of training on Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect
  2. Being currently certified in Infant and Child CPR and First Aid
  3. Having a current food handler card
  4. Agreeing to complete and submit proof of a minimum of eight hours of additional training related to child care issues every two years
  5. Completing an Enhanced Rate Program application:​

You will receive the enhanced rate within 60 days of your name being added to the Oregon Registry.

How do I get added to the Oregon Registry?

To be added to the Oregon Registry, submit an application and proof you've completed the first three requirements.

For more information or an application:

​Where can I find trainings?​

Special rates

How do I get a higher rate for children with special needs?

Special Needs Rate

Providers may be reimbursed at the special needs rate when they care for children or youth with disabilities. This higher rate offers families more child care options in their area. The need must be verified. The Special Need Child Care Rate Request form (DHS 7486) is not required but can be a helpful tool for parents to know what they should provide as verification.

Important: Providers can't charge families receiving help from ODHS a higher rate than what you charge private pay families. Providers can't charge a higher fee or add charges solely because a child has a disability or other special needs. Here is more information about the Child Care Centers and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). You can also call 1-800-514-0301​.

High Needs Program​

If a child or youth requires a much higher level of care, a supplemental payment may also be available. This is called the "High Needs Program" and involves an assessment of the child. The assessment is done, at no cost to the family or the provider, by a specialist from ​Inclusive Partners.

If you identify a child or youth who requires a much higher level of care, discuss this with the family and contact the ODHS caseworker or Inclusive Partners at ​866-837-0250. You can also email

Once a referral is made, an individual assessment is done to see if a supplemental payment is appropriate.

See the complete list of child care ​rates.