Plan for disasters

The federal government requires state child welfare agencies to plan for disasters and major emergencies for the purpose of continuing vital services and ensuring that children placed in the custody of the state are adequately cared for and protected.

In the event of a major emergency or disaster, Oregon foster (resource) parents and relative caregivers ‚Äč must do the following:

  • In the event of a major emergency or disaster, foster (resource) parents and relative caregivers must contact Oregon 211 within 24 hours: 

    Call: 211 or 1-866-698-6155 
    Text: keyword "foster" to 898211 (TXT211) 
  • If you are forced to evacuate your home:

    Foster (resource) parents and relative caregivers should evacuate to shelters that have been established by the county emergency manager in your area or to a location safely out of the disaster. After a family and the foster children/young adults have reached their destination, the foster (resource) parent and/or relative caregiver is to contact Oregon 211 within 24 hours. The local Child Welfare office needs to locate all children under state care and supervision. Be prepared to provide the following information: child/young adult's name; county or office of case management; child's whereabouts and situation; and the telephone numbers and address where the child/family can be reached.


Keep emergency contact information current

Resource parents and relative care providers should provide their certifier with contact information of an emergency contact at time of initial certification and each renewal. Be specific and include telephone numbers (land lines and cell phone numbers), names and addresses. If the emergency contact changes, the resource parent should provide updated contact information within 24 hours of the change.