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Contracts and Procurement

​Doing ​business with us​


Oregonians’ need is established

  • Oregonians receiving services through an ODHS or OHA program have a specific need for a good or service.
  • The O​DHS or OHA program follows the “Buy Decision” to contract for purchasing goods and services.

Vendors are engaged to meet the need

  • The ODHS or OHA program consults with the Office of Contracts and Procurement (OC&P) to find the most appropriate way to buy the good or service.
  • OC&P uses the best method to source and receive the good or service.
  • OC&P creates the contract documents and manages the process between the vendor and the ODHS or OHA program.  

Oregonians’ need is met

  • The ODHS or OHA program administers the contract; the vendor and contract administrator plan, monitor and support delivery of goods or services.
  • The vendor provides the good or service.  ​

Benefits of​ certifying your business in Oregon​

To learn more about the certification programs, visit the Certification Office for Business Inclusion​ and Diversity (COBID) website).
  • Certified ​firm directory listing where all businesses and state agencies can search by the good or service offered for contracting or partnership opportunities
  • Connection to small business development resources and support
  • Promotion of supplier diversity

​View current ​​opportunities at OregonBuys.

COVID-19 Resources and Supports

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