Contracts and Procurement

​How to do business with ODHS and OHA

graphic showing flow of how to do business with ODHS and OHA
Oregonians’ need is established

  • Oregonians receiving services through an ODHS or OHA program have a specific need for a good or service.
  • The O​DHS or OHA program follows the “Buy Decision” to contract for purchasing goods and services.

Vendors are engaged to meet the need

  • The ODHS or OHA program consults with the Office of Contracts and Procurement (OC&P) to find the most appropriate way to buy the good or service.
  • OC&P uses the best method to source and receive the good or service.
  • OC&P creates the contract documents and manages the process between the vendor and the ODHS or OHA program.  

Oregonians’ need is met

  • The ODHS or OHA program administers the contract; the vendor and contract administrator plan, monitor and support delivery of goods or services.
  • The vendor provides the good or service. 

What are the benefits for certifying your business in Oregon?

To learn more about the certification programs, visit the Certification Office for Business Inclusion and Diversity (COBID) website).

“The primary goal of certification is to level the playing field by providing certified firms a fair opportunity to compete for government contracts regardless of owner ethnicity, gender, disability, or firm size.” – COBID
  • Certified firm directory listing where all businesses and state agencies can search by the good or service offered for contracting or partnership opportunities
  • Connection to small business development resources and support
  • Promotion of supplier diversity

​View current bidding opportunities at OregonBuys.

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