​​​ICS Client Matching and Maintenance

ICS brings in data monthly from nearly all ODHS and OHA programs, as well as a few Oregon agencies (see ICS Key Partners). Specifically, we extract, transfer and load (ETL) the necessary data elements needed to identify and link an individual across systems (i.e. names, demographics, etc.) as well as limited service level data from ODHS and OHA programs required by our forecasters/researchers. This data is processed into caseload where changes over time are forecasted and used in the calculations to create program budgets. Please see the OFRA​ webpage for more information about forecasting.

During our monthly client matching, ICS uses a rigoro​us combination of probabilistic, deterministic, and manual matching allowing us to create and maintain the best possible individual level link across programs and agencies. Every individual in ICS receives a unique ICS Master Identification number that allows us to identify​ an individual across data sources. ICS essentially maintains a master crosswalk for all its key partners and gives the state a better view of individuals utilizing multiple state programs and agencies.