​​State agencies in Oregon, and often discrete programs within those agencies, collect and store data about the people they serve using systems and platforms that do not interact with one another. In 2005, and in response to this critical need to integrate agency program data, Oregon established the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS)/Oregon Heath Authority (OHA) Integrated Client Services Data Warehouse (ICS). (MOU)

ICS is a small unit within the Office of Forecasting, Research and Analysis (OFRA)​ and is shared service between the ODHS and OHA. Our primary task is to connect individuals across multiple state programs and agencies. This individual level link allows us to a) support a group of forecasters/researchers who forecast ODHS and OHA caseloads used for program budgeting; and b) support statewide need for bespoke integrate data sets for ongoing statewide research projects, program improvement projects, and data requests requiring​ integrated data.

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Client Overlap - 2020 ODHS and OHA

Client Overlap - 2020 ODHS and HSM