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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ iLearn is changing to Workday Learning in June 2021. For more information, visit the Oregon Department of Administrative Services' (DAS) Learning Management Replacement Project webpage

This page includes information on how to use iLearnOregon, answers to common questions, links to instructions and manuals and more. See the following sections:

  • FAQs for Staff and Partners
  • FAQs for Managers
  • FAQs for Course Administrators, eLearning Developers and Instructors​

  • FAQs for Staff and Partners

    Where do I access iLearnOregon?

    Go to:

    If you're planning to take an online course, it's best to use Firefox or Edge as your browser.

    I'm a DHS|OHA partner. How do I get an account?

    Partners may already have an account that was transferred from the previous system, The Learning Center. Follow these instructions to find your existing account or create a new one.

    For Non-state DD Partners/Service Providers & AAA Agencies: ​These instructions are intended for Brokerages, Community Developmental Disability Programs, DD Service Providers and AAA Agencies: PartnerInstruction_DD_AAA_7-1-18.pdfPartnerInstruction_DD_AAA_7-1-18.pdf
    For general Non-state DHS Partners: PartnerInstruction_DDPartner_5-16-19.pdfPartnerInstruction_DDPartner_5-16-19.pdf
    For Oregon State Hospital (OSH) Partners: Here are instructions on how to create an account: PartnerInstruction_OSH_3-2-18.pdfPartnerInstruction_OSH_3-2-18.pdf
    For Oregon Public Health Partners: PartnerInstruction_PH_3-2-18.pdfPartnerInstruction_PH_3-2-18.pdf
    For Oregon Health Licensing Partners: PartnerInstruction_OHA-HLO.pdfPartnerInstruction_OHA-HLO_3-2-18.pdfPartnerInstruction_OHA-HLO_3-2-18.pdf
    For Oregon WIC Staff & Partners: WIC-Getting-Started-iLearn.pdfWIC-Getting-Started-iLearn.pdf
    For Adult Foster Homes, Assisted Living and Residential Care Facilities, and Nursing Facilities: PartnerInstruction_AFH_ALF_RCF-NF12-3-19.pdfPartnerInstruction_AFH_ALF_RCF-NF12-3-19.pdf
    For Child Welfare Partners: PartnerInstruction_CW_3-2-18.pdfPartnerInstruction_CW_3-2-18.pdf
    For Personal Support Workers in the Oregon Home Care Commission: OHCC_2019.pdfOHCC_2019.pdf
    For DD Personal Support Workers: PSW_v3_5-15-19.pdfPSW_v3_5-15-19.pdf
    I'm a state employee. How do I login for the first time?

    iLearn accounts are automatically created for state employees and temporary employees.​

    For State DHS|OHA Staff only, here's a guide for the first time you log in: DHS Staff_Instructions_4-12-19.pdfDHS Staff_Instructions_4-12-19.pdf

    The Staff Instructions include:

    • First-time login information
    • How to change your password
    • Adding password security questions
    • Adding your manager
    What should I do if I forget my password?
    1. ​On the iLearnOregon login page (, click Login. On the next page, click "Forgot your password?" (located under the Password field). If you don't know your Login ID, try your OR number. If you've set up Security Questions in your account, you'll be prompted to answer a question. You can then reset your password and enter your account.
    2. If that doesn't work: ​On the iLearnOregon login page, click Login. On the next page, click "Forgot your login ID?" (located under the Login ID field). You'll be prompted to enter your last name and email address. NOTE: This information must match the information in Outlook. DHS|OHA staff email accounts must be in the format:
    3. ​If that doesn't work: Contact the OIS Service Desk at 503-945-5623 or
    4. For the future: Once you're logged into your account, set up security questions. This will enable you to easily reset the password yourself if you forget it again. Setting Password Questions_2-13-18.pdfSetting Password Questions_2-13-18.pdf
    Who do I contact if my account is locked out?

    Please call the OIS Service Desk at 503-945-5623 or

    How do I find a course and enroll in it?

    Here's enrollment information for classroom and online courses. FindEnroll_2-13-18.pdfFindEnroll_2-13-18.pdf


    When I try to take an online course, I get an error message: "You don't have permission to view this course."

    ​First, make sure your profile reflects that you are in either the DHS or OHA organization.

    If your organization shows “Other non state employee,” please follow these instructions to update it to your DHS partner or OHA partner organization. Organization_2-13-18.pdfOrganization_2-13-18.pdf

    If these suggestions don't work, contact DHS Training at or OHA Training at​.

    How do I find the location where my class is being held?

    ​When you register for a course, to the left of the Enroll button, you'll see an "i" with two arrows. Click on the arrows to see course information, including the location. Click the "Map/Directions" link to display the building address. From there, you can click "Get Directions" to go to MapQuest.

    After you enroll in a course, the email confirmation you receive (and all email reminders) will include course information, including the location and address.

    I think I have more than one iLearnOregon account. How can I get credit for all the courses I've taken?
    Your iLearn accounts can be merged. Please email the OIS Service Desk at
    How do I update my email address?

    For Staff: If you're a DHS|OHA employee, your email address is automatically transferred from Workday. You can make the change yourself in your Workday account under Personal Information > Contact Information. 

    For Partners: Log into your iLearnOregon account. In the top right portion of the screen, roll over your initials. In the dropdown menu, choose Account. Click the Profile tab. In the User Information section, click the Edit button. Change your email address, then click the Save button.

    How do I update my manager?

    For staff: ​Changes to the manager's name is done in Workday. Contact the OIS Service Desk at and choose the option for Workday support.

    For Partners: See these instructions on how to change your manager. Manager_Partners_2-13-18.pdfManager_Partners_2-13-18.pdf

    I need instructions for using iLearnOregon.

    ​Here's information on

    I can't take an online course, get a blank screen, can't progress any further, or get an error message when trying to take an online course. 

    If you're using a PC: Are you using Internet Explorer (IE) as your browser? If so, it's time for a change. Microsoft has replaced IE with Edge. If you are using a Windows 10 computer, use Edge as your browser.

    If you're using a Windows 7 computer or you're an agency partner, use Mozilla Firefox as your browser.

    1. For Partners & Providers only: Here's information on how to find Edge and other browsers: Online_courses_in_iLearn_providers_9-17-20.pdf

    ​2. ​For state employees only: Here's information on how to find Edge and other browsers: Online_courses_in_iLearn.pdfOnline_courses_in_iLearn.pdf

    3. You may also need to disable the popup window blocker on your browser: Popup_window_blockers.pdfPopup_window_blockers.pdf

    4. It may help to clear your browser's cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) and refresh your browser (F5).. It may help to clear your browser's cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) and refresh your browser (F5).

    5. If you continue having problems and work for DHS, contact If you work for OHA, contact

    If you're a partner or provider using a Mac: Try using Opera as your browser.

    How do I add password security questions to my account in case I forget my password?

    By setting security questions, you can easily change your iLearnOregon password if you forget it. Setting Password Questions_2-13-18.pdfSetting Password Questions_2-13-18.pdf

    What notifications does iLearnOregon send me?

    You'll receive emailed notifications for classroom courses, webinars and curriculums if:​

    • There are changes to the course, like a new location, date or time.
    • The course is cancelled.
    • You're on a waitlist and become enrolled in the course. 

    Note that email notifications are not sent for eLearning (online) courses.

    How do I print a certificate after I complete a course?

    Here are instructions: Certificates_2-13-18.pdfCertificates_2-13-18.pdf

    How do I add self-reported learning?

    Here are instructions SelfReported_Learning_2-13-18.pdfSelfReported_Learning_2-13-18.pdf

    I’m not receiving email from iLearn. What's going on?

    There are a few reasons this could happen.

    1. Do you have an email address in your profile?
    2. Is your email address correct?
    3. If your email address is correct: In the top right portion of the screen, roll over your initials. In the dropdown menu, choose Account. Click the Preferences tab. In the Communication section, change Send messages to my email address (as shown in my profile) to Yes
    4. If these don't work: have you checked your email spam filter?
    5. It’s also possible that your instructor didn’t set reminder emails for your course section. Emails are not set up automatically for reminders in iLearn. If you’ve checked everything above and still don't receive emails, contact your instructor.
    6. Emails are not sent for online courses.
    How do I access a virtual class (webinar) in iLearn?

    ​Follow these instructions: Adobe Connect User Guide_r1.pdfAdobe Connect User Guide_r1.pdf

    Where do I view my transcript?

    Here are instructions: Transcripts_2-13-18.pdfTranscripts_2-13-18.pdf

    I took a training and it doesn't appear on my transcript. What happened?

    ​This could happen for different reasons.

    1. The name of the course is different. It could be:

      Online: 24/7 Mandatory Reporter Training (C05401)
      DHSOHA - HR - 24/7 Mandatory Reporting Training - C05401
    2. You have more than one account in iLearn. If so, contact the OIS Service Desk at

    NOTE: If you finished a course in the Learning Center but it doesn’t show as Completed in iLearnOregon, contact DHS Training at or OHA Training at​.

    FAQs for Managers

    How does my new DHS|OHA employee get a profile in iLearnOregon?
    • Employees who have worked for another state agency will use their existing iLearn account and update it: DHS Staff_Instructions_4-12-19.pdfDHS Staff_Instructions_4-12-19.pdf
    • New employees will receive a profile in iLearnOregon automatically after data entry for the hiring Personnel Action. Use the above Staff Instructions to help with new employee orientation.
    • First time login for new employees will be their OR# for both their login ID and password. The OR is capitalized, and the password is case sensitive.
    • If you're a partner/provider, your staff will need to create their own new accounts. If they already have an iLearn account, they can update the profile in their existing account. See the above FAQs for Staff and Partners for instructions. 


    How do my staff add me (or remove me) as their manager in iLearn?

    ​For DHS|OHA managers: Changes to the manager's name is done in Workday. Contact the OIS Service Desk at and choose the option for Workday support.


    For Partner/Provider managers: Here are instructions for your staff. Manager_Partners_7-2-18.pdfManager_Partners_7-2-18.pdf

    What manager resources are available for iLearn?

    This handout includes the instructions DHS|OHA managers need to acess staff training records, reports and more: Managertoolkit_9-3-19.pdfManagertoolkit_9-3-19.pdf

    These instructions are for Partners and Providers: Managertoolkit_partner_2-22-18.pdfManagertoolkit_partner_2-22-18.pdf

    Will I get notices from iLearnOregon when my employee signs up for training?

    It depends. iLearnOregon is tied to the Workday database, so your name needs to be listed as the manager in each staff member's Workday account. Changes made to Workday will appear in iLearn the following day. This will allow you to receive system notices when an employee signs up for training.

    No notifications are sent for online (eLearning) courses.

    What is the My Team area in iLearnOregon?

    When an employee selects you as a manager, the My Team area will appear as a new menu in iLearnOregon. Use this area to check your staff's transcripts and current courses.

    Where is the most recent version of the Oregon State Hospital’s Manager Guide?

    This is for nursing managers and non-nursing managers at Oregon State Hospital only:OSH ILEARN NursingMgrGuide_3-1-18.pdfOSH ILEARN NursingMgrGuide_3-1-18.pdf

    My staff gets error messages when trying to take an online course.

    ​Please have your staff use Edge as their browser. If that doesn't work, contact DHS Training at or OHA Training at​.

    When I enroll students (or cancel enrollment) in my course, the change doesn't appear in iLearn.

    ​Try clearing your browser's cache (Ctrl+Shift+Delete), then refresh your browser (F5).

    Under My Team, I see a team icon showing my manager’s teams. Can I pull reports for their employees?

    Manager reports only include your direct reports. Unfortunately, they do not include indirect employees.

    I’m receiving notifications from staff who no longer work for me. How do they change their manager?

    It depends on where the staff member is working now. If they're still working for the State, the manager's name needs to be changed in their Workday account. Changes made to Workday will appear in iLearn the following day. Contact DHS Training at or OHA Training at​ for more information.

    My staff needs to complete online courses by a certain date. Can I send automatic notifications from iLearn?

    ​No. iLearn does not send automatic notifications for enrollment in, or completion of, online (eLearning) courses. NOTE: This applies to online courses that are available 24/7, not webinars. Webinars can have the same notifications sent as classroom courses.

    FAQs for Course Administrators, eLearning Developers and Instructors

    What is a course administrator and who can attend training?

    A course administrator can

    • Add courses to iLearn
    • Enroll students in courses
    • Mark attendance, and other administrative functions.

    Course administrator training is for DHS|OHA employees only, and is located in Salem. All training sessions are available in iLearn. To register for a classroom session, go to:

    For Course Administrators at a distance from Salem, sessions will be offered through NetConnect. To register, go to:

    What is the most current version of the Course Administrator guide?
    What is the most current version of the eLearning Administrator Manual?
    How do I access and work with reports in iLearn?

    To use the built-in reports available in iLearn, see the Reports section of the iLearn Course Administrator's Manual.

    Or use MS ReportBuilder to have more data options: iLearnOregon-MS-ReportBuilder-guide-082317.pdfiLearnOregon-MS-ReportBuilder-guide-082317.pdf

    What is the most current guide for Instructors?

     iLearnOregon Instructor Guide_2-14-18.pdfiLearnOregon Instructor Guide_2-14-18.pdf 

    Note that instructors have the ability to update attendance, email students and print rosters.

    What is the most recent version of the Protocols document?

    ​The most recent version is: iLearn Protocol Guide v7 06.15.16.pdfiLearn Protocol Guide v7 06.15.16.pdf

    How do I find a direct link to the course that I can share with learners or reviewers?

    ​Here are instructions for finding direct links, called "deeplinks": Finding Deeplinks.pdfFinding Deeplinks.pdf

    Where can I test my iLearn courses before putting them into the iLearn production site?
    Where are the templates for training announcements and space available messages?

    The following templates are available for use in marketing courses to staff and partners.

    Space Available template: iLo_spaceAvailable_v2.docxiLo_spaceAvailable_v2.docx

    Logo for migration: iLO-graphic3-teal.jpgiLO-graphic3-teal.jpg

    Where is the template for partner instructions?

    To download, right click on the link and save: Partner Instruction Template 2-5-18.docxPartner Instruction Template 2-5-18.docx

    Use the template for partner instructions as an attachment with your marketing messages. The most up-to-date version is located here. You’re welcome to use parts of it or the whole document.

    How soon will we be able to start uploading online courses?

    As soon as you complete the Course Administrator training, you will have access to add and update SCORM courses.

    How do I upload online courses to iLearn? Once they're uploaded, how do I update them?

    See the earlier FAQ for a link to the latest eLearning Manual.

    Can we upload PDFs directly to iLearnOregon?

    ​Yes, PDFs can be loaded as documents into iLearnOregon. Learners would search for it in the Learning Catalog. A PDF can be bundled in a curriculum with the course.

    What types of notifications can I send to students?

    ​Here's a detailed list of notification types:Notifications_CourseAdmin.pdfNotifications_CourseAdmin.pdf

    Here's a simplified list of common notification types: Notifications_AllStaff.pdfNotifications_AllStaff.pdf

    Where is the iLearnOregon test site (or “sandbox”)?

    Please use the test site for testing your eLearning modules and to practice using the site functionality:

    What is the SCORM debugger window? Why does it pop up when I’m accessing an eLearning module in the test site?

    ​The SCORM debugger is a tool you can use to find out if there are any issues with your course communicating with iLearnOregon. The window is only available in the test site. It launches in the background while you launch and complete a course. We recommend using the window in tandem with when testing a course and resolving SCORM issues.

    Why can't I upload my eLearning course?

    ​It could be several reasons. Among them:

    1) Your computer has a wireless internet connection. Try using a computer with a hard-wired connection.

    2) Your zipped course file is located on a network drive. Copy the course to your desktop, then upload it. (BTW, make sure to zip the course file within the development software, like Captivate or Articulate.)

    3) Your course file is too large. As a best practice, limit the size of your published course to 40MB - 60MB. Although iLearn will accept much larger courses (up to 300MB), you may not be able to upload them and many end users won't be able to see them. See the section, "How to reduce online course size," in the iLearn eLearning Manual (available in this FAQ section).

    To check for errors in your course, run it through SCORM Cloud before you publish. If you can't access SCORM Cloud on your computer, contact your IT specialist.

    Why do I get a blank white window when I try to open my online course?

    First, make sure you're not using Internet Explorer as your browser. It's best to use Edge.

    ​If you get the blank window in Edge, you need to make changes to the course settings. In iLearn, select Administration > SCORM 1.2. Search for your course, click the title, then click Manage. Click the Check Out tab, then the Course Settings tab.  Uncheck "Display Page Header" and "Display Table of Contents." Check "Hide Course Table of Contents When SCO is Accessed" and "Automatically Open First SCO."

    For detailed instructions, see the iLearnOregon eLearning Manual (located in this FAQ section). 

    How do I add a Powtoon video course to iLearn?
    Why is Responsibilities blinking?

    This happens when you have course admin permissions but aren’t currently added as an instructor. Please contact DHS Training at or OHA Training at​ to have this fixed.

    How do I create a virtual class or webinar in iLearn?

    ​See the iLearn Course Administrator Manual at the beginning of this FAQ section.

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