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This page contains some ti​ps to help you use the ODHS website and find what you ne​ed.


On the top right of each page is a search box. To find a specific topic or program, type in a word or phrase.


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At the top of every page you'll find a menu. This menu has links to all the main areas of our site. The items with small down arrows next to them drop-down to show more links.


Mobile Menu

The site has been designed to work with mobile devices such as tablets and phones. When viewing the site on one of these devices the menu will show up as three lines in the top right menu area. When clicked it will expand to show all the link options and the search box.



Home page

In the middle of the DHS home page you'll find sections with links to pages visited most often.


Under the middle section are links to Hot Topics, Featured links and Connections.


 Site map

Browse a list of web pages on our site map page.


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