1966 - Interagency Committee on Aging

In 1965, the Older Americans Act was established by the federal government. In order to determine how Older Americans Act benefits could be obtained for Oregon’s aging citizens, an Interagency Committee on Aging was established by Governor Hatfield in 1966.

1967 - Governor’s Advisory Committee on Aging

The Older Americans Act (OAA) programs officially began on March 1, 1967. In May 1967, the Governor’s Advisory Committee was formed. The primary purpose of the Governor’s Advisory Committee on Aging remained as stated by the Office of the Governor, “To assist in the establishment of priorities for federal funding of local programs dealing with current needs of older citizens; to communicate to the public and to the Governor the unmet needs of older citizens and the public attitudes regarding these needs.”

In 1972, Governor Tom McCall continued the Governor’s Committee on Aging by Executive Order 67-7. He directed the membership to be 16-21 persons, including at least two from each congressional district. He designated the chairman and the length of terms of appointments. The committee continued to advise the Department of Human Resources and the Governor on needs of the elderly.

1977 - Governor’s Commission on Aging

In 1977 the Oregon Legislature created the Governor’s Commission on Aging. This commission had 19 members appointed by the Governor and two members from the legislature. This commission was to advise the Office of Elderly Affairs, which had also been created during the legislative session. The office combined the functions of the former State Program on Aging and the Office of Special Assistant for Programs on the Elderly. The commission was to study programs and budgets of all state agencies which affected senior citizens. It also acted as an advisory body to the Governor, as well as to the Office of Elderly Affairs. The commission functioned until the 1981 legislative session.

1981 - Governor’s Commission on Senior Services

The 1981 Legislature passed Senate Bill 955 which created the Senior Services Division and the Governor’s Commission on Senior Services. This Commission consists of 21 members appointed by the Governor and two members from the Legislature.

GCSS C​hairpersons

10/05 - 07/11John Helm
10/03 - 10/05Dolores Hubert
10/01 - 10/03Don Butsch
10/97 - 09/01Phyllis Lissman
09/95 - 10/97Phyllis Rand
12/93 - 09/95Frank Armstrong
11/93 - 11/93Jane Baumgarten

​Acting Chair​​

11/92 - 10/93Lee Hazelwood
06/90 - 11/92G.G. Goldthwaite
04/86 - 05/90Brad Bayliss
12/84 - 03/86Maryanne Staton
02/83 - 11/84Dale Caldwell
10/75 - 01/83Rev. Walter McGettigan

First Chair of actual GCSS, created 1981​

06/75 - 09/75Ellen Schneider