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Heightened Scrutiny​

Process Flowchart
Provider Letter and Worksheet9/2016
Onsite Review Template11/2016

Provider Status Reports

Cover Letter for 4/2017 - 9/20171/2018
Status Report for 4/2017 - 9/20171/2018
Cover Letter for 7/2016 - 3/20175/2017
Status Report for 7/2016 - 3/20175/2017
Initial Status Report Cover8/2016
Initial Status Report8/2016

Note: 12/2016: The "HCBS Provider Status Report" was posted in 8/2016. It had each provider's status regarding new Home and Community-Based Service rules at that time. Many providers have made progress since this was initially posted. We will post updates to this website when we are able.

Public Input

Anyone Can Give Input About APD Providers of HCBS
Reporting possible institutional or isolating HCBS Settings Template

Residency Contract

Adult Foster Home Provider Residency Contract Template11/2017


APD Extended Timeline for HCBS Transition Plan11/2018

Training Materials

Adult Foster Home Conferences8/2020
Provider FAQs: Individually-Based Limitations3/2020
OHCA 2019 Convention11/2019
OHCA 2019 Spring Conference3/2019
OHCA 2017 Fall Convention9/2017
Jacksonville Adult Foster Home Conference8/2017
Independent Adult Care Home Assoc Conference6/2017
Limitations Visual Fact Sheet (APD 0556V) 6/2017
Washington-Columbia County AFH Providers5/2017
LeadingAge Oregon Spring 2017 Conference5/2017
OHCA Spring 2017 Conference3/2017
Enhanced Care Unit Training2/2017
Adult Care Home 2016 Conference9/2016
OHCA 2016 Fall Convention9/2016


APD-PT-20-090HCBS IBL Process
APD-PT-19-020Implementation of Individually Based Limitations (IBLS)
APD-IM-19-039Communication to CBC Providers re: IBLs
APD-IM-19-033Risk Assessment and Implementation of IBLs
APD-AR-17-041Identifying Client Representative for LTC decision-making and educating consumers regarding HCBS rights and freedoms
APD-AR-17-031Person-Centered Consumer HCBS Education
APD-AR-17-029Systems used to Report AFH HCBS Compliance
APD-IM-17-027HCBS IBL Training for Staff
APD-IM-16-093HCBS Heightened Scrutiny Provider Deadline, Worksheet
APD-IM-16-082HCBS Provider - Heightened Scrutiny Status and Web Posting
APD-IM-16-080HCBS Provider​​ - Self-Assessment (Survey) Results
APD-IM-16-041HCBS Provider Letters
APD-AR-16-003HCBS Limited Access Adult Foster Homes
APD-IM-15-110Provider Requirements for HCBS Self-Assessment Survey
APD-IM-15-084HCBS Surveys

2015 Survey-related

Summary of Consumer and Provider Survey Responses
Comment Cover Page
Access to Community
General Comments


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