Behavior Support Services

​About Behavior Support Services

Behavior Support Services are part of the Medicaid-funded Community First Choice State Plan Option. Behavior Support Services are provided by certified Behavior Consultants using Positive Behavior Support. Services are designed to support eligible individuals​ and their care providers by reducing frustration, injuries, stress, placement failures and other concerns that can result from persistent and difficult behaviors. ​​

What Behavior Consultants do

Behavior Consultants identify changes that can be made by the caregiver or within the person's environment. Services focus on support to address:

  • challenging behaviors
  • cognition processing
  • communication skills
  • self-help activities
  • impulse control
  • adaptive skills

How to make a referral

Behavior Support Services are authorized by Aging and People with Disabilities case managers. Anyone involved with the person's care can contact the case manager to make a request for BSS. 

  • ​Contact a case manager or supervisor at your local office​.

Once they are authorized, the Behavior C​onsultant will contact the person's primary caregiver, foster home provider or facility administrator to begin the process. 

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Contact a case manager or supervisor at your local office​.

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