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State Independent Living Council

​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Oregon's State Independent Living Council (SILC) is recruiting qualified members.

About the council

​What is the SILC​​?

SILC​ is the coordinating body for ​Independent Living Services​.

  • Appointed and mandated by the Governor.
  • Consists of individuals with disabilities and their community partners.

What does th​e SIL​C do?

  • Jointly develops and signs the State Plan for Independent Living​ with Oregon's Network of Centers for Independent Living, after identifying statewide needs and getting public input.
  • Keeps track of the plan's progress and implementation.
  • Evaluates whether the plan is working well.
  • Works with other disability service programs to improve coordination among different services, making them more useful to people with disabilities. This includes addressing service gaps and reducing duplication of services.

What are the r​​esponsibilities of members?

  • Prepare for and attend four quarterly meetings (half or full day), plus a few hours to review materials to prepare. In-person meetings are usually in Salem three times per year. The fourth meeting may be where a Center for Independent Living can be visited. Virtual options are available when travel is not possible.
  • Respond to emails and other Council communications in a timely manner.
  • Engage in the work of the Council. This may include being part of a committee or project work group. Time required for committees or work groups differs by the group but is often at least two hours per month.
  • Contribute, as able, to SILC tasks. Examples: staffing exhibits or representing the SILC in other groups.

Who is the SILC ​lookin​​g for?

  • Individuals with a disability who do not work for the State or a Center for Independent Living.
  • Individuals from communities of color.
  • Individuals from regions outside Portland Metro, Salem and Jackson or Josephine counties, though we are accepting applications from all areas. 
  • ​The best members will have some knowledge about the services that Centers for Independent Living provide.

To apply for membership


Question​s and alternate ​formats

Conta​​ct SILC staff

Call: 503-269-5119



​ Hear from current ​SILC members​

“I can take the inequities I've experienced and advocate to build more effective programs and services for people experiencing disability."

“I hope that I can be a part of making this world accessible to everyone, no matter what their abilities. I also hope that I can assist people with different abilities so they can be fully included in their communities."​

“I joined the SILC to make a difference on a state level for disabled Oregonians. When I joined the SILC I hoped to educate myself on the needs of disabled​ Oregonians so I could make a bigger impact in my local community through collaboration with other like-minded organizations."