​​​​​​​Senate Bill 587, passed during the 2021 legislative session as Oregon Laws 2021, chapter 586, requires Oregon retailers selling cigarettes, tobacco, and/or inhalant delivery system products to obtain a license to sell these products beginning January 1, 2022. ​​

Who is required to obtain the license?

  • Oregon retailers selling these types of products at retail are required to obtain the license:

    • Cigarette products including little cigars

    • Other Tobacco products including: cigars, smokeless tobacco (snuff, chewing tobacco, SNUS, dissolvables containing tobacco, etc.), blunt wraps, pipe tobacco, shisha, roll-your-own, and any other kinds and forms of tobacco that can be chewed or smoked.

    • Inhalant Delivery Systems as defined by ORS 431A.175

  • Cigarette distributors, tobacco distributors, and cigarette wholesalers are not required to obtain a retail tobacco license, unless they have a retail store in Oregon that sells to consumers.

Do I obtain a license from the Oregon Department of Revenue or through my county?

When and how do I apply for the license from the Department of Revenue?

  • The license requirement begins January 1, 2022, and you can apply for a license in early December 2021. This applies to all retailers of tobacco products or inhalant delivery systems located in those jurisdictions in which the state license applies.
  • We will send a letter in November with instructions on how to apply for the license.

  • The license application will be completed and submitted electronically through Revenue Online.​

  • Businesses with multiple locations under the same Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) will be able to submit one application for all locations in jurisdictions where the state license applies. A license fee will apply to each location on the application.

  • You will renew the tobacco retail license annually.

    For more information on how to apply for a Tobacco Retail License, please review the Tobacco Retail License Filing Instructions​.

How much will the state issued license cost?

  • The total statewide tobacco retail license fee is $953.00 for licenses effective beginning January 1, 2022. This fee is made up of two portions. The first is a fee charged by the Department of Revenue to cover the cost of processing applications and issuing licenses, this portion is $230.00. The second portion is for the Oregon Health Authority to support the enforcement of federal and state law regulating the retail sale of tobacco products and inhalant delivery systems, this portion is $723.00.

I have questions who do I contact?

  • We will be updating our website as more information becomes available throughout the rules and implementation process. ​
  • We are unable to answer questions regarding license cost and jurisdiction as this time. If you have a question regarding the tobacco retail license program, please contact us at:​ 

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