Our voluntary disclosure program helps resolve prior tax debt. If your business isn't in compliance with Oregon tax laws, we encourage you to come forward.

Voluntary disclosure agreement

Contact us in writing to ask to enter into a voluntary disclosure agreement. You may do this anonymously through a third party such as an accountant or lawyer. The agreement is only an option if you haven't already been contacted by us or the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC).

Your written request must include:

  • A company description, including entity type and business activity conducted in Oregon.
  • The date Oregon business activity began.
  • Reason(s) for not filing Oregon tax returns.
  • The company's year-end date (calendar or fiscal year).
  • Specific statement of relief requested or proposal being made.
  • Statement indicating whether the company or an affiliate was contacted by us or the MTC.

If you haven't filed tax returns in multiple states, the MTC can contact the state for you to fulfill your filing requirements. See for more information.

Send voluntary disclosure agreement requests to:

Nexus Unit Manager
Oregon Department of Revenue
Corporation Audit Section
955 Center Street NE
Salem OR 97301-2555

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