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Property Tax

What is CAFFA?

The Legislature established the County Assessment Function Funding Assistance (CAFFA) annual grant program to help cover assessment and taxation costs for counties. Funding for the grants comes from portions of document recording fees and delinquent property tax interest.

Each county must submit an application annually with an estimate of staffing, workload and expenditures to support their assessment and taxation program. The department certifies each county to participate in the grant if its budget maintains system adequacy as provided in ORS 294.175.

Application infor​mation

CAFFA applications are accepted electronically through Revenue Online. Read the CAFFA Grant Application Forms and Instructions for full instructions on how to apply.

You can begin filing your CAFFA grant application forms on March 1.


You must submit all required documentation to us by May 1, or the next business day. Please refer to the CAFFA Grant Application Forms and Instructions for the required documentation.


Apply electronically using

Revenue Online

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