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Oregon Data Literacy Framework: Report Release and Public Comments

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The 2021-2023 Oregon Data Strategy Biennial Action Plan identified the following two actions to advance creation of a data-informed culture within the state of Oregon: 

  • Develop a Data Literacy Framework for the State of Oregon
  • Identify opportunities for partnership in developing and delivering data literacy training   

In support of these actions, the Chief Data Officer and Chief Data Officer Advisory Council established the Oregon Data Literacy Framework Work Group, intended to develop an initial data literacy framework for the state of Oregon in addition to recommendations for the Chief Data Officer on opportunities to aid agencies in adopting and implementing the framework, and in additional supports that may be needed from the Chief Data Officer to support data literacy as a statewide initiative. 

In October 2023, the Data Literacy Framework Work Group completed their drafting of the Oregon Data Literacy Framework and have provided a final report to the Chief Data Officer. This report, and the draft framework was released for public input and comment, from November 12, 2023 and January 31, 2024, by constituents, state agencies, elected officials, public bodies, community organizations, and any individuals or organizations who were interested in reviewing and providing comment. 

The comment period is now closed. Public comments are now published for your review. Below you will find the Oregon Data Literacy Framework report and both written and open data Public Comments Received report links. 

Data Literacy Report

The Oregon Data Literacy Final Report, submitted and reviewed by the Chief Data Officer.

Written Public Comments Received

Comments created and published on PDF.

MM - January 23, 2024 SE - January 30, 2024 OHA-E&ID - January 30, 2024 OHA-BIS - February 1, 2024

Public Comments Received

View public comments submitted to the Data Literacy Public Comment Form open data set.

Current Comments

Comments will be reviewed by the Chief Data Officer and Data Literacy Work Group Chair and shared with the Chief Data Officer Advisory Council to consider next steps. 

* To maintain alignment with Oregon’s policies on maintaining a discrimination and harassment free workplace and maintaining a professional workplace, and comments that contain language or content found in violation of these policies will not be released publicly.