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New Data Governance Policy

State of Oregon launches new Data Governance Policy

What is the Data Governance Policy?

The State’s first Data Governance policy has officially been approved and posted on the DAS website.

This policy, approved, announced and in effect March 2022, sets forth a statewide approach to data governance and establishes a baseline framework and accountability structure for agencies to use in establishing internal data governance programs. The Data Governance Policy sets baseline expectations for State Agencies in managing data as a strategic asset.

The Data Governance Policy contains three components:

How state agencies comply with the policy?

  1. Appointing a Lead Data Steward to manage data governance efforts for the agency
  2. Submitting a biennial Data Governance Plan to the Chief Data Officer
  3. The first plan is due December 31, 2022

State agency compliancy support tools

Resource Library

Oregon Data Governance Resource Library State agencies can access a wide range of tools, webinars, workshops and easy to follow compliancy steps on the Oregon Governance Resource Library. The Oregon Data Governance Resource library is designed for all state agencies to share resources related to Data Governance, along with resources provided by the Chief Data Officer.

NOTE: The Data Governance Resource Library is an internal resource for state agency employees. Non-state subscribers will not be able to access the library.


The Chief Data Officer will be hosting a series of webinars in May and June to provide an overview of the policy and the policy’s expectations. Links to these events are below:


Additionally, the State has partnered with Info-Tech Research Group to host a series of 2-day workshops for medium and large agencies, and ½ day workshops for small agencies, on implementing data governance within your agency. The Chief Data Officer will partner with the Assistant State CIOs and Senior IT Portfolio Managers to register agency staff for these trainings.