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Ideas for your Fund Drive

As a coordinator, your ideal role will be to educate co-workers about their giving options through the Charitable Fund Drive.  Events and activities listed below can raise the visibility of the Fund Drive as well as raise awareness of participating nonprofits. 


Executive or Management Involvement

In addition to many of the fun events that your executive team can be part of to encourage participation, there are two other ways in which they can help promote involvement:
  • Match the first $5 of every employee’s gift made online or through a paper form. The manager may want to specify payroll gifts or gifts of a certain dollar amount.
  • Make a gift of a set dollar amount for every employee that makes a gift online or submits a paper form. The dollar amount will depend on how many employees are in your department and the manager’s personal donation budget.


Community Awareness Event Ideas

Lunch & Learns - One of the best ways to raise awareness of the Charitable Fund Drive’s work within the community and how participating organizations are benefiting Oregonians is to host a (or a series of) Lunch and Learns for staff. The programs can be specific to the Fund Drive or blend the Fund Drive with diversity committee, sustainability committee, or other organizational goals. The CMO Team can help set these presentations up for you.

Hand writing response to "I give because:"Agency Tours & Speakers – Have one or more Fund Drive agencies speak at your kickoff events, other campaign activities or at a staff meeting. It is a great way to showcase the work being done and the breadth of organizations to support. We can also help arrange a tour of participating agencies to get a look at the impact on the community.
Be an Everyday Superhero – employees dress as heroes (Batman, Superman, Spiderman, etc.) to promote being a hero within the community. On their cape or back of their shirt, have employees pin a piece of paper describing how they make a difference in the community. Employees vote to give a prize to the best dressed and/or for the hero among heroes. For an added twist, serve hero sandwiches for lunch.
Create an “I Give” wall – have staff members use an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper to write why they give to the community through the CFD and post it on the wall. Build a wall of support for the community.
Stories at a staff meeting - Share your own story and encourage co-workers to share their stories about how they have benefited from organizations that are part of the Charitable Fund Drive and/or why they give.

Fun Events for Kickoffs and Fundraisers (low or no cost)

Agencies around Oregon have had a lot of fun kicking off the Charitable Fund Drive with events to raise awareness about the campaign. Put your own spin on these suggestions from your fellow Charitable Fund Drive coordinators. Do something that suits your agency’s culture and style.
Lunch Box or Dessert Auction – Employees provide lunches, picnic baskets, cakes or other desserts to be auctioned to their co-workers. Prizes are given for the most creative or elegant submissions.
Home-Grown Auction – Employees donate items or services that they make or offer themselves for an auction. Ideas of items to sell include: cakes, crafts, monthly parking spots, Timbers / Blazers tickets, or a weekend at a vacation spot. Services could include car detailing, landscaping or a gourmet dinner for two. Find out where your co-workers’ hidden talents lie, and put them to fundraising use! Encourage employees to work together to create a quilt, gift basket or something to auction.
Casual / Jeans Day – If your office usually requires business attire, sell “Jeans Passes” during the Fund Drive to raise money for nonprofits.
Flamingo Flocks – Co-workers can donate to have an office mate’s workspace filled with those infamous and charming pink flamingo yard statues before the workday begins. And it doesn’t have to end there. Try offering these four flock options:
1) Flock – your standard offering where you can have your colleague’s office stuffed with Flamingos
2) Flock Migration - allows the ‘flocked’ victim to pass the flock over to another colleague (increased donation over option 1)
3) Flocksurance – enables you to protect yourself from an unexpected flocking (increased donation over option 2)
4) Flocksurance Side-Stepper – this is the premium product which allows you to override another person’s Flocksurance.
Putt-putt golf in the office – Build a putt-putt golf course in the office using what is in the office (office supplies, etc.) Employees can pay to play the course themselves, or pay to make one of their co-workers play the course.
Baby Face Contest – Select employees to bring photos of themselves as babies. Ask co-workers to pay $1 per ballot to match the baby pictures to the correct employees. A prize goes to the employee who correctly identifies the most babies.
Talent Contest – Kick off the Charitable Fund Drive with a talent show – ask employees who play music, juggle, or have other performing talents to show what they can do!
‘Thank Your Co-worker’ Sales – Sell (in advance) cards that employees can use to write each other notes of appreciation. Those notes are then delivered on one day to employees along with a flower, piece of chocolate, or other token of thanks. This “Flowers for Friends” fundraiser raises more than $35,000 a year at a local health care company that does it annually.
Tricycle or Rolling Chair Races – Before the race, employees pay to have sandbags tied to opposing division managers’ trikes. Hold the race in the lunchroom or outside. The first one to the finish line wins a prize for the division (e.g., pizza party).
Ugly Tie/Outrageous Hat Contest – Employees who wish to participate wear their ugliest ties / scarves or most outrageous hats and solicit “votes” at $1 each. The person with the most votes at the end of the day wins a prize.
Wacky Rewards – The agency coordinator or a manager might volunteer to do something crazy as an incentive for employees to fill out their pledge forms. One manager vowed to shave his legs publicly, if more than half the office made a pledge through the Charitable Fund Drive! Another agency’s senior managers sat in a carnival dunk tank during a lunchtime barbecue, while employees paid a fee to try to dunk them.
Boss Does Your Job For a Day – Employees who participate in the Charitable Fund Drive put their names in a drawing. When an employee’s name is drawn, that employee’s manager does the employee’s job for a day, takes the employee to lunch, or rewards the employee in some other fun way.
Game Tournaments – Charge an entry fee to compete in games like ping-pong, bowling, golf, mini slam-dunk contests, and Wii games. Encourage employees to form teams to build camaraderie. The winner gets a prize.
“Farmers Market”, Rummage or White Elephant Sales – Employees donate items to be sold in the parking lot or cafeteria. Homegrown produce / Used book / CD / DVD sales can be especially successful.
Food – Bake sales, pie-eating contests, candy bar or popcorn sales, baked potato lunches, lunch-time barbeques, or ice cream socials. If your office wants to be a little healthier, switch a traditional ice cream sundae for low-fat yogurt with fruit or have a bagel sale instead of doughnuts.
Lunchtime Walk-a-thon / Bike-a-thon – promote movement, team building and support for nonprofits. Set a mileage goal for your walk or bike-a-thon (10-15 miles) to be met over a multi-day period where co-workers meet at lunch time or other break periods to walk or bike a few miles. Have friends, family and co-workers pledge support.

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