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The Oregon Volunteers Commission is also known as the Oregon Commission for Voluntary Action & Service.  The Oregon Volunteers Commission is comprised of up to 25 voting members appointed by the Governor. Information on public meeting materials for the Commission can be found on our web page here​, and public meeting notices can be found on the Oregon Transparency site.​​

As stated in the National and Community Service Act of 1990, state commissions must exist in order for a state to apply and accept national service grants through the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS). For more information, go to the CNCS legislation website (​n). 

According to the Code of Federal Regulations §2550.2 (l), a State Service Commission is a bipartisan or nonpartisan state entity, approved by the Corporation, consisting of 15–25 members (appointed by the chief executive officer of the state), that is responsible for developing a comprehensive national service plan and administering national and community service programs in the state.

The key duties of the Commission, carried out by Commission staff and supported by Commission members, are the following: 
Preparation of a national service plan for the state
Development of an application for national service members for the state
Provide recommendations on priorities for national service programs
Make technical assistance available to program applicants and grantees
Assist in the provision of health care and child care benefits to participants in national service programs
Development and promotion of a state system for the recruitment and placement of participants in programs
Administration of the state-wide grant program to include selection, oversight, and evaluation of grant recipients
Development of projects, training methods, curriculum materials, and other materials and activities related to national service programs

The 1993 Community Service Trust Act created the need for service commissions in every state to identify local priorities and solutions. Today virtually every state has a commission that is charged with administering AmeriCorps funds and promoting service and volunteerism. 
The Oregon Volunteers Commission is comprised of up to 25 commissioners from across Oregon who are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Oregon Senate. Commissioners serve three-year terms and are eligible for reappointment. If you are interested in serving on the Oregon Volunteers Commission, you can read more about the application process here.​
§2550.50 (b) Required voting members on a State Service Commission. 
A member may represent none, one, or more than one category, and each of the following categories must be represented: 
A representative of a community-based agency or organization in the state; 
The head of the state education agency or his or her designee; 
A representative of local government in the state; 
A representative of local labor organizations in the state;
A representative of business; 
An individual between the ages of 16 and 25, inclusive, who is a participant or supervisor of a service program for school-age youth, or of a campus-based or national service program; 
A representative of a national service program; 
An individual with expertise in the educational, training, and development needs of youth, particularly disadvantaged youth; 
An individual with experience in promoting the involvement of older adults (age 55 and older) in service and volunteerism; and 
A representative of the volunteer sector

In addition to these required representatives, Oregon Volunteers strives to include additional representation from: senior-serving programs, educators, experts in the delivery of human, educational environmental or public safety services, at-risk-youth, entities that receive assistance under the Domestic Volunteer Service Act (VISTA), Native American Tribes, disaster response efforts, certified volunteer administrators and community volunteers. 


2018 Oregon Volunteers Commission​

Volunteer Sector Representative
Pablo Brito
Volunteer & Outreach Specialist
Friends of Trees
Portland, Oregon

Participant or Supervisor of a National Service Program, between the ages of 16-25

Oregon Department of Education Representative Designee
Cord Bueker
Workforce Policy Analyst
Oregon Youth Development Council
Salem, Oregon

Educational, Training & Development Needs of Youth/Disadvantaged Youth Expert

Business Sector Representative
Ross Cornelius 
Client Services Manager 
Walsh Contruction 
Portland, Oregon

National Service Representative
Jorge Cruz
Program Director
Metropolitan Family Service 
Portland, Oregon 

Services Expert

Local Labor Representative
Heidi Edwards
Executive Vice President, Executive Council, PCCFFAP
PCC Federation of Faculty & Academic Professionals
Portland Community College
Portland, Oregon

Community-based Agency Representative
Mike Fieldman
Secretary, Executive Committee
Executive Director
United Communities Action Network
Roseburg, Oregon

Local Government Representative
Adele McAfee 
Executive Assistant
City of Bend 
Bend, Oregon 

Volunteer Sector Representative
Jayesh Palshikar
Volunteer Scout Leader
Scouts BSA
Oregon City, Oregon

Volunteerism & Service for Older Adults (55+) Representative
Derenda Schubert, PhD
Co-Chair, Executive Committee
Executive Director
Bridge Meadows
Gresham, Oregon

National Service Representative
Joshua Todd
Co-Chair, Executive Committee
Executive Director
Campus Compact of Oregon
Portland, Oregon

Higher Education Representative
Elias Villegas-Plascencia
Dean, Woodburn Center
Chemeketa Community College
Woodburn, Oregon

DVSA Program Representative
Kelly Wessels
Chief Operating Officer
United Community Action Network
Grants Pass, Oregon

Ex-Officio Commissioner
Geoffrey Hickox 
State Director, Oregon State Office
Corporation for National & Community Service 
Portland, Oregon


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