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​​​​​Student Data

In an effort to support Oregon’s goals to significantly increase educational attainment, the  HECC collects and reports a variety of data on students and student progress at Oregon’s 17 community colleges and 7 public universities, as well as some private institutions. Data on Oregon students help identify progress toward higher education goals and inform policy and funding decisions about how best to serve students in meeting postsecondary goals.

The pages below include public institution data related to three student-level characteristics: enrollment, demographics, and completion (graduation).

Click here for Fall 2022​ ​e​nrollm​ent data​​​ - Updated 12/08​​​​/22​​​

Public University Student Data​​

Community College Student Data​

​​Researchers and members of the public can also perform custom searches of a variety of Oregon Community College Data here. 

Featured Student Data  

Public Degree and Certificate Completion Over Time

Source data:

2018-19 Degree and Certificate Completions

Oregon community and universities have steadily increased their awards of certificates and degrees to students over time.

In 2019, the HECC released completion numbers for Oregon’s public postsecondary institutions in 2018-19, showing that the total number of degrees and certificates was essentially unchanged at just over 45,000.

.  See details below: