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​​​​​​​Community College Student Data

The HECC works with campus partners to compile data on student characteristics and achievements at Oregon’s 17 community colleges. Here we feature enrollment, demographics, and completion (graduation) at the community colleges.

Community College Degree and Certificate Completion Data


Source data:

2018-19 Degree and Certificate Completion

Oregon community colleges awarded over 20,000 degrees and certificates in 2018-19. These include both Certificates of Completion and Associate Degrees. Certificates of Completion satisfy occupational course, curriculum, and proficiency requirements.  Associate Degrees satisfy Lower Division Collegiate (LDC) or Career and Technical Education (CTE) requirements.

Community College Enrollment Data

We describe community college student enrollment in two ways:

Unduplicated headcount is the actual number of individual students enrolled. Students may be enrolled in one or more courses during the year, but they are counted only once during the year.

Full Time Equivalent (FTE) is calculated enrollment based on hours of classroom instruction. One FTE is equal to 510 instructional hours. This method combines full-time and part-time students into one metric.​


Source Data:​

​Additional enrollment data:

Community College Student Demographic Data

Information on student age, gender, and race/ethnicity informs higher education policy and programs related to equity, affordability, and more, in the effort to achieve Oregon’s higher education goals. Data on age, gender, and race/ethnicity are self-reported by students.